How To Use This Blog

The driving force of the content on Meauxtion is to publish material that I would read if I were in your shoes.

As it pertains to fitness, I believe that blogs are where it’s at.  The material is raw and uncensored, effective and relationships and trust can be established with the words and media on the site.

You will not find this on larger websites where contributors have to be politically correct.

I want you to find value in my content.  You do not need to agree with everything I publish, but if I can get you to expand your thinking, or you’re able to extract a nugget or two from an article, than I am satisfied.

My goal, is to inspire you to think and take action.  That’s it.

Some of the content you’ll read on this blog is supported by fact and references, those references will be cited at the end of each post, or linked to the author’s page or article.  Other content is based on my experience, which is the artistic aspect of fitness that the lab rats will never be able to quantify will data.

Like the changing of the seasons here in Wisconsin, my opinions will evolve over time.  I used to feel bad about reverting back on strong opinions I once had, but it’s essential to growth.

In this moment, my I believe my recommendations to be best practice.  5 years from now?… Maybe not so much.

If you don’t agree with something I’ve published, leave me a comment or private message me and let’s chat!

Everyone is right and no one is right all at the same time.

If you do like something I write about, leave a comment and share it!

Comments from readers energize me.  It’s easy to feel like you’re writing to an empty room at times, crickets chirping in between publishing posts.

I am not a formally trained writer, so cut me some slack on my grammar.  I may mix in some slang, vulgarity or go formal.

Lead from the front…

I’ve never recommended any method, product or program that I haven’t first tried myself.  How can anyone suggest doing something they haven’t had experience with?  Sad.

You’ll find me promoting safety a lot on this blog, and it is something that I’ve tried to lower my tone on over the years.  Fitness (movement) is a supportive pillar to living a great life, it doesn’t have to be your life.  It is up to you how extreme you’d like to go.  There are many things in life worth dying for, your workout is not one of them.  Be safe and keep your movement sustainable for life.

However, please don’t play scared.  If you’re going to go, go all in.  Rewards are proportionate to your effort.  Use your head, make smart decisions.

I typically will suggest how a beginner, intermediate and advanced trainee can scale a workout to benefit best.  Implement it.  Play around with it.  Self-experiment with it.

Eat a donut from time to time…

Zealot fitness blogs make me sick.  If you’re into that, fine, but don’t be afraid to exercise your right to be a vulnerable human.  Get your workout in, go have a beer with good friends, eat a donut with your kids on Saturday morning, maybe slip a few bites of ice cream before heading upstairs for bed.

I have many vices, and I love them all.  Peanut butter from the jar, raw cookie dough, craft beer, scrolling mindlessly on the Facebook feed, eating whole pizzas by myself, going to bed early and getting up early, napping, and on and on.

Obviously, vices need to make up a smaller percentage than healthier habits, or you’re probably not going to look, feel or perform the way you want.  Manage the equation in your favor and let everything else take it’s course.

Work first, then play.


Cheers to you…


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