I want to write articles I would want to read if I was in YOUR shoes.  

That’s the driving force behind the content on Meauxtion. 

As it pertains to fitness, I believe blogs are where it’s at.  The material is raw and uncensored, less rigid and easily manipulated to reflect changes in one’s thought process. 

This blog is heavily experience based.  If I haven’t experienced it, I don’t comment on it.  Simple as that.  

My beliefs today are flexible to subject to change. 

Roadmap concepts on Meauxtion…

Evidence of effort

Do the work and get the reward. 


Read it, see it, do it… 

I want you to find value in my content, but most of all, I want you to use it.  

Interested in an exercise or a workout?  Schedule it into your training regimen IMMEDIATELY.  Don’t overanalyze it.  DO IT NOW.  

You won’t and shouldn’t agree with everything I write.  That’s fine.  I don’t write to be satisfy everyone.

My goal, is to inspire you to think and take action.  Even if you take action on something that’s not your cup of tea, you’ve at the very least tried “it” and now you have the most important less in the world… an expanded perspective.  

Break the rigid perspective you may have.  Stay open to EVERYTHING.  


I’m not always going to reference white papers and science, and do not call me”bro”… 

Some of the content you’ll read on this blog is supported by fact and references.

Those references will be cited at the end of each post, or linked to the author’s page or article.  

But the reality is, science cannot quantify A LOT OF THINGS.  

What science cannot quantify it often deems ineffective and useless.  Science couldn’t find any benefit of yoga, a 1000+ year old practice or saunas another hundred year old practice until relatively recently.

Then there is money motivated dirty science.  Examples:  truth about eggs, sugar industry, saturated fat, etc.  

Some posts will be published heavy with references, others will be published from my perspective, using my voice and my opinions.    

Right now, forward thinking fitness coaches are applying methods to athletes and general population clients that won’t be validated in the lab-setting for 3-5 years.  

Some methods will never be successfully quantified with data from the lab.  

At the end of the day, a lot of different training strategies work really well.  In fact, tons of them work extraordinarily well.  


Leave me comments!

If you don’t agree with something I’ve published, leave me a comment or private message me and let’s chat!  Maybe I can learn something from you, which would be even more badass. 

If you do like something I write about, leave a comment and share it!

Comments from readers energize me.  Maintaining a blog can feel like you’re writing articles for no one at times.  Crickets chirp in between posts.

Keep in mind, I am not a formally trained writer, so cut me some slack on my grammar.  I may mix in some slang, vulgarity or go informal.  I use far too many filler words, a bad habit I know.  

Ease up people, don’t throw tomatoes


Safety first people…

You’ll find me promoting safety a lot on this blog, possibly too much.  

No workout is worth a life altering injury.  When you’re playing on the fringe physical activity of any kind, the risk increases the more you push.  

Ask a person who’s suffered a rotator cuff injury if what they were doing when it happened was worth it.  

I’d put cash money down they would say, “no”.  Why?  After suffering an injury like that, you’re rarely the same person physically.

But, I’ve tried to lower my tone on safety over the years.  

It is up to you how extreme you’d like to go.  I have my limits.  There are many things in life worth dying for, but I don’t believe a workout is one of them.  

Be safe and keep your movement practice sustainable for life.

However, please don’t play scared.  Rewards are proportionate to effort.  Use your head, make smart, common sense decisions along the way and you’ll be A-OK.  

Most posts will describe how a beginner, intermediate and advanced trainee can scale a workout or an exercise to benefit best.  

Implement it.  Play around with it.  Self-experiment with it.

Eat a donut…

I don’t like the preachiness some online fitness entities project.  

“I haven’t eaten a cookie since I was 18 yrs old”.  

Yeah, that’s not me.   

If you’re into that sort of approach, fine… I get it…  but you won’t find anything like that around here.  

Get your workout in, go have a beer with good friends, eat a donut on a Saturday morning, maybe slip a few bites of ice cream before heading upstairs for bed.

I have many vices, and I love them all.  

Peanut butter from the jar, raw cookie dough, craft beer, scrolling mindlessly on the Facebook feed, eating whole pizzas by myself, going to bed early and getting up early, napping, and on and on.

Obviously, vices need to be kept in check, or you’re probably not going to look, feel or perform the way you want.  Manage the equation in your favor and let everything else take it’s course.

It’s been said if 35 out of 40 meals in a week are disciplined, a person will make radical changes in body composition and performance.  

I agree.  

You know if you’re doing the work, or if you’re telling yourself lies about doing the work. 

Work first, then live your life.

What can Meauxtion offer you?

I know you because I am you. 

I have a full-time career in medical device sales on top of writing for Meauxtion and all of it’s social media platforms.

My career in medical sales is as unpredictable as any.  I can work anywhere from 9-12 hours per day, 5 days a week, and get called in for surgery at any time.  I am on call 1 night a week along with 1-2 weekends a month.  

Time in my life can be very limited and very unpredictable.  

So, I plucked a pearl out of Jocko Willink’s approach and started front-end loading my days.  4:30am, my alarm goes off, coffee starts steeping in the Aeropress and I begin writing, filming or editing all of the Meauxtion social platforms.  

By 7am, I’ve got to have my workout in for the day, showered and I’m out the door to my career in sales.  

I am you.  

At this time, Meauxtion is my side hustle, a platform to put some sweat equity into my passion for light-hearted fitness but whole-hearted online entrepreneurship.  

Just as I hope to find applicable info in articles and websites, I hope you will find some of my information and experiences useful.  


Cheers to you and celebrate your effort…


11 thoughts on “M(EAUX)TION

  1. Would love to see some online programming/wods that I/we can follow? I am a beginner in movement and trying to do more, learn more and move more

    1. Absolutely. I’ve on it for sure. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Look for much of this soon! Cheers.

  2. Hi, Kyle! I was hoping to share your tips on relieving foot stress with my work’s wellness newsletter. Could you email me so we could discuss details? We’re based out of Chippewa. 🙂

  3. Hey man, absolutely loved your breakdown of Ido Portal’s Isolation -> Integration -> Improvisation. I’ve been watching his stuff for a while now, but it wasn’t until I read your explanation of that framework that it “clicked” for me. Honestly, can’t thank you enough.

    You’ve mentioned a few times on the blog that you haven’t been able to find good resources on Ido’s stuff, so I wanted to point you at a fantastic resource put together by a guy on reddit, Antranik.


    No idea how long this took him, but he organized all of Ido’s Youtube channel into a comprehensive framework, starting with individual movements and going through basic and advanced integrations. You might already know about this, but if not I hope it’s helpful! Either way, thanks for the great blog content, your work is noticed and appreciated.

    1. Otto! Thank you for leaving a comment. Yes, I have seen Antranik’s breakdown, although it has been a while since I looked at it. Thanks again… stop by soon. I apologize for not updating the blog anytime recently, I have been hammering away on YouTube and other social media platforms. Cheers.

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