Read This First!

A dose of honesty…

Several years ago, I wrote the most polished “Read This First” page I had ever seen.

I deleted it recently because it was embarrassing to read.  The page “showcased” everything I thought I knew, things that I thought would grab your attention and establish myself as a creditable source.

The content consisted of information that I wanted you to know, that I knew.  Chest puffed up, I wrote it all down like a boss.  What ended up happening, is no one wanted to re-visit Meauxtion after reading that crap.

Yuck, what a turn off.

Here is my chance are redemption.

Who am I?  

I’m 32 years old, married with two golden retrievers, a small brick house in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

I’ve read many books that discuss the difficulty most people have of slowing their day down enough to ask themselves who they really are, what they are made of, what they believe, values, morals, etc.

Outside of public speaking (which a lot of people have said rather die than do), spending some quality time looking inward might be the scariest thing you’ll ever do.  Maybe not.  It certainly was for me, and continues to be a terrifying, yet liberating experience.

What can Meauxtion offer you?

The most important thing I can offer you is my understanding of who you are, my connection with you, because I am you.  

You see, I have a full-time career in medical device sales on top of writing for Meauxtion.

My career in medical sales is as unpredictable as any.  I typically work 10-15 hours per day, 5 days a week.  I am on call 1 night a week along with 1-2 weekends a month, which includes several major holidays a year.  I really never know when I am going to be home each day.

While I don’t have any kids yet, my wife and I are currently working on changing this situation. When kids arrive, my writing will open even more doors to connect with you, my audience.

I am you.

What makes me credible?  

Maybe nothing.  However, it is worth mentioning I do have a B.S. in Kinesiology-Exercise Science from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  A hotbed for all things fitness.

What I will clue you in on regarding college fitness credentials is they are mostly bullshit.

I got my diploma and quickly realized that most of what’s being taught in the University setting is not reality.  It’s nicely packaged, generalized, safe information force fed to students who are then rated by test scores and how much of that information can be memorized in a short period of time.

I learned more in the first 2 weeks of my internship than I did in 2 years of Kinesiology courses.  The main difference between my internship and my University experience was I allotted a $700 per month stipend for my internship while my parents shelled out $8,000 a 8 semesters for college.  Do the math on that one.

But hey, the positive is that I met some lifelong friends, learned how to drink alcohol in large quantities, and made future career connections while I in college, so it wasn’t a complete waste.

I have coached clients ever since my internship, despite being full throttle in a different career.

My love for reading about training, health tactics, fitness gadgets, anatomy and nutrition has never died out.  The biggest change for me personally has been increasing my implementation of digested information.  Information is just words on a page or screen until you practice them in real life.  Early practice is often frustrating, slow, inefficient and full of trial and plenty of errors.

But it gets much better.  Opinions are shaped through experiences, all of those trials-and-errors.  Crashing and burning is a great teacher.

Embrace the self-experimentation, you’ll never learn or appreciate anything more completely than when you fail miserably, followed by succeeding greatly.

My beef with fitness authors, bloggers and their advice…

One of biggest beefs I have with modern day fitness authors and bloggers, is they are in the business of fitness.

What the hell does that mean?

For many fitness authors and bloggers, all they do is eat, breathe, sleep and fantasize about fitness.  Fitness is their job.  Sure, they’ve got many of the same stressors as you and I, but it’s easy to stay ripped when your livelihood depends on staying ripped.

Their relevancy depends on repackaging quirky angles to old ideas, and creating confusion with their readers.  Like dangling a carrot that you’ll never actually be able to eat.

Another common trend you’ll find around the internet is a mass regurgitation of other people’s work.  A hot fitness topic emerges and everyone writes about it at a nauseating level.

Most online fitness businesses have stability in growth based on on staying highly trivial.

The basics of building fitness are rarely discussed.  Why?  Because the basics are not sexy.

But those who have built high level fitness (and don’t brag about it) know that the basics are all you need when executed savagely well.  s

Highly successful teams, the military, and profitable businesses know this “secret” also.

Meauxtion, deep down, is largely a collection of experiences.  If you want hard science, there are other websites who’ve built readership on that platform.  That will not be me.

No group of people will scrutinize over the minutiae more than the science fanatics.  No group will ever call out the innovators more than the science fanatics.  The lab rats have a hard time relating to the real world, and of course, this is my opinion.  To spend one’s entire life searching for the truth is a noble endeavor, and simultaneously exhausting and monotonous.

Science jargon is not my niche or my interest, but it serves it’s purpose.

My interest is distributing information that is practical, effective, challenging and fun.

I side more with the practitioners, those who practice what they preach.  Do you do what you are asking others to do?

That’s a modified definition of a leader, isn’t it?

If you’ve figure out the landscape of the fitness industry, you’ve probably noticed that most science is a nothing more than a well-designed study of concepts that are grown from the gym’s of underground practitioners.

I remember seeing the lab study on kettlebells published 5-6 years after kettlebells became a mainstay training tool.  The general conclusion of the study was kettlebells are an effective tool for developing conditioning and may have application to reducing body fat.

Ground breaking (enter heavy sarcasm).  Thanks science.

One of the coolest parts about fitness is how individualized it is.  There’s no perfect workout program for everyone.  Same with diets.  What works for you may not work for me.  You might see unbelievable results from one method of training, and I’ll see less 50% of the results you achieved, despite doing following the same approach to a “T”.

Some of the most unpractical advice I’ve ever seen comes from the labs.

Science has it’s place in the ecosystem.  But some things are best learned

Most business experts recommend finding a niche and going as deep as possible into that niche.  They say it’s by far the best way to build a cult following.

I’m just not that into any one way of doing things.  I like them all, and quite honestly, every method works if you work it.  All of it, even the shitty ShakeWeight.  That thing works, if you dedicate to using it on a regular basis.  Some of the worst infomercials I have ever seen work, if you work it.

If I were to write about only one niche, I’d be selling you short on what I believe.

Fitness is really on you.  You’re in the driver seat.  Part of my job is to give you  new ideas, motivation, get you thinking a bit outside of the box you’re currently in (we are all in our own boxes) to

So as I sit here writing this, please know…

 I am, you.

Cheers to progressing and learning together…

Kyle Garner


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