Are You Deserving of Fat or Weight Loss?

Quick Tips

I am not trying to be a buzz kill people, so you’ve been warned right away.

I’d also like to mention that the most important part of this article is probably the very last paragraph located underneath my typical “Cheers to…” sign off.  Make sure you get all of the way through to that point, ok?  It will give you the full effect. 🙂

The title of this post was meant to be an attention grabber.  I do in fact… have a heart and it is big and the people near and dear to me know that I care about them.

Ahemmm… moving on… ahemmm…

However, inspired by a classic sales book that I was paging through last night while lying in bed, I thought that I would put my own spin on classic topic related body restoration, fat loss, weight loss… whatever you choose to reclaiming ownership of your health as.

I want you to think about one thing for a quick second:

Deserve to lose fat or weight?

Do you?

I truly wish a long life that is filled with love and happiness and achievements for every single person. 

Time on earth is short, live it up.

If you are one of the rare few people who have gained weight or unwanted fat due to unavoidable natural causes, well, this article may not pertain to you so much.  But that doesn’t change the fact that you folks can put some interventions into motion yourself.

HOWEVER, for the rest of you, considering that a large majority of people are doing very little if anything to help themselves live a long life that is disease free (from preventable metabolic disease that is), you should really stop for a minute and evaluate what it is that you keep “thinking” that you want to achieve.

If you are someone who wants to trim down, build some strength, endurance, decrease the circumference of your waistline, eat better, drink more water, etc… well.. do it.  Enough thinking and pondering and researching… just do it (there is that Nike slogan again!).

It’s not enough to “think” about how bad you want to restore your body to that teenager or mid-20’s physique that you once donned.  You’ve got to do the work.  So many think about thinks until they nearly spontaneously combust it’s nuts!

This article might be the same old song and dance, but hey, if it is received by as little at 1% of the readers stopping by the blog… well… I impacted someone.  I can live with that.

The Sales to Body Analogy:

In the sales book I was reading last night (Integrity Selling), the author was sharing why sales professionals who have exhibit good character and work with their customers to service them to the best of their abilities deserve to earn mountains of money.  Theses sales people shouldn’t feel bad about asking for business from new customers or asking existing customers for more business.  They are selling with integrity.  If the sales person can go to bed every night knowing that they provided a high value to their accounts, they deserve every stinking penny.

Why?  Because these salesmen and women are EARNING their income. They aren’t being handed an income, they are earning it by exhibiting good character (doing the right things whether someone is looking or not- my definition) while accommodating their customer’s every need.  The successful salesperson sets goals (goal clarity) and then works to achieve them night and day.  Achievement is awarded to those who selflessly serve their customers night and day.

What about regaining control of your body?

The pursuit of fitness, whether you call it weight loss, body restoration or trimming fat around the edges, demands that you go to bed knowing that you put forth a worthy effort each and every day.  It’s tough to feel sorry for an individual that wants the world in hand yet sacrifices nothing.  You have got to put forth an effort of some kind and be relentless in your approach.

The beauty of moving more and eating well is that it takes very little tweaking for the average individual to start experiencing positive shifts in their appearance, energy levels, health markers, etc.  Very little I tell you.

But, in the same breath, I will tell you that it takes one things always:

The willingness to start followed by the willingness to endure.

Just as the salesperson has to be emotionally courageous (emotional intelligence) and willing to get kicked in the crouch without taking it personally, folding up and heading home with their tail between their legs… so does the person seeking physical self-improvement.

Peaks and valleys.  Thus is life.  Those who stick it out long enough will see reward.

We had an old saying in hockey that I have come to appreciate more and more as the years pass.  It always seems to put things into a manageable perspective for me:

No Highs, No Lows

Never allow yourself to get to high during the good times, never get to low during the frustrating times.

Keep the balance.


Cheers from the icy streets of Eau Claire, WI…


[You made it!  This article might stir up some emotions for some of you.  You might feel guilty, irritated, motivated, or “called out”.  My aim was not to make you feel bad about yourself.  If you begin to feel emotions like motivation and irritation, good!  Especially irritation.  Getting irritated gets things done.  It’s the point where you say to yourself, “Bullshit with this, I am going to take care of business from here on out”.  Irritation can set things in motion faster than anything sometimes.  It’s the “I told you so” attitude where you now want to prove the world wrong.  Me personally, irritation makes me accomplish tasks at break neck speed.  I get pissed because I observe myself becoming complacent in my position (whatever position that may be)  Embrace these emotions and leverage them to make positive change.]