Jump Rope, Kettlebell and Bodyweight Workouts

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A jump rope, kettlebell, the weight of your body, a small space and roughly is all a person needs to create workouts.   

How heavy of a kettlebell?  

Good question.  

I suggest a moderately weighted kettlebell for each of these workouts.  

How heavy is a “moderately” weighted kettlebell?  

Good question.

”Moderate” will mean something different depending on each person’s current fitness level and familiarity with kettlebells in general.

Select a kettlebell weight based on your overhead press, which is often the weakest lift for many people.  

Choose a kettlebell that gives you hell to press overhead for roughly 8-10 repetitions.

A generalized recommendation for weight selection is:

Males:  44lb (20kg) or 53lb (24kg)

Females:  26lb (12kg) or 35lb (16kg)

No kettlebell? Substitute a dumbbell or a sandbag instead of a kettlebell.  

If you don’t have access to a jump rope, you can:

  •  “Air rope” (pretend you are turning a jump rope)
  •  Bounce side-to-side like a boxer  
  •  Perform jumping jacks 

If you’ve got no equipment and the only option is bodyweight, check out some of these bodyweight-based workouts, here, here and here.  


Before you start in on these workouts, please, warm-up with some mobility and light bodyweight drills

Here’s a 14 exercise total body warm-up:


Workout Structure:

  •  Target 18-20 minutes of continuous work, or roughly 8-10 rounds
  •  Take rest as needed, keep it brief.
  •  Add or subtract reps as needed.
  •  Get creative with different jump rope drills.


#1 Jump Rope + Clean-Squat-Press

30 second Jump Rope

6 Right/Left Single Arm Clean-Squat-Press 


#2 Jump Rope + Lunge + Row + Rocks

60 second Jump Rope 

6 Right/Left Reverse Lunges

8 Bent Over Rows

8 Hollow Body Rocks


#3  Jump Rope + Ground Game + Swings

30 second Jump Rope 

10 Kettlebell Swings

10 yard Forward/Backward Crawl

10 yard Sideways (lateral) Crawl

10 yard Crab Walk

10 Kettlebell Swings

30 second Jump Rope


#4 Jump Rope + Ground Game Part II

60 second Jump Rope 

6 Scorpions

8 Cossack Squats


#5  Jump Rope + Kettlebell (as many rounds as possible)

30 second Jump Rope 

10 Kettlebell Swings

5 Dive Bombers

10 Goblet Squats


These are simple, approachable workouts.  

If you’re training at home, each of these should fit your space.  

Stay active, stay healthy.   


F.M.L. Burpee Workouts| 200 Reps in 20 Minutes (or less)

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Some of the toughest workouts I’ve ever tested are the simplest.  

Fewer exercises, less complexity, just nose to the grindstone and sweat.   

Yesterday’s workout involved only one exercise and a simple goal.

[If you’ve read other posts on this blog, I am rarely an advocate for extremely high volume/high intensity training.  For the under-prepared person, it can increase the risk of unnecessary injury]

That being said 👆, I love to get after it and test my work capacity periodically.

Here’s the Workout

Exercise:  Full Burpees

Repetitions:  200 

Time:  20-minute time limit

What’s a Full Burpee?

Each repetition must be a FULL BURPEE.  


👉 Modified Squat/Hinge

👉 Sprawl

👉 Push-Up (chest to floor)

👉 Jump Squat (aim for a consistent 8-12 inch of height per jump)

4 basic steps for a full burpee.

Like any exercise, burpees have many variations.  

There are plenty of burpee variations for EVERYONE.

200 Repetitions

200 reps is A LOT of up and down.

Somewhere along the way form is going to break down.  

Take breaks as needed, but watch the clock. 

If you’re cranking out 10 burpees per minute, you will complete 200 burpees in 20 minutes.  

But here’s the deal… 10 rep bursts in the early stages of the challenge will be doable.

10 rep burst in the later rounds will not.

Get the reps you can, managing fatigue and safety.



20 minutes is the time limit.  

Challenge yourself to finish as fast as possible, remaining mindfully of technique and movement quality.    


Adjustments to the Workout

If 200 reps are out of the question, decrease the reps.

Here are other possible rep target options:

150 burpees in 15 minutes or less

✅ 100 burpees in 10 minutes or less

✅ 50 burpees in 5 minutes or less

Each alternative requires a 10 burpee per minute pace, just fewer reps overall.

Another way to organize a tough burpee workout is to select a pace and hold to it over a time-frame. 

Here are a few options using this

👉  Perform 1 burpee every 6 seconds

👉 Perform a burst of 10 burpees inside of every minute 

With these rep schemes, the question is, how long can you go?  


Stay Safe

It’s important to stay engaged mentally despite the fatigue hitting you like a tidal wave.  

In the moment, establish a balance between rejecting thoughts of quitting, yet remain aware of how your body is handling the stress.

If at any time you feel the fatigue overwhelming your ability to move safely, take rest. Simple as that.   

High intensity/extended duration physical activity is well know to breed sloppy movement and cutting corners on technique, which increases the risk of injury.   


Other burpee variations and workouts

👉 Plyo Step Burpees

👉 Movement Culture Burpees

👉 Workout Finisher:  Kettlebell Swings and Burpees



20 Minute Workout: “Country Jam” Training

20 minute Workouts, Bodyweight Workouts

In honor of our local Country Music festival here in Eau Claire, WI, I decided that I would throw together a workout.

The template for designing a crazy effective workout is simple.

My rule has always been… Keep it simple.

Simple means big bang movements using minimal equipment while closely considering loading (weight), rest period(s) and total time of workout.

Avoid complexity at all costs.   Complicating a workout with fancy technical lifts only moves the risk versus reward pendulum deep into the RISK category.


Enough babbling, start training.


Give this a go…


Country Jam Training

The Details…

—> Time:  14-20 minutes

—> Work-set:  2 minutes

—>  Rest:  Remaining time after work is completed

—>Rounds:  7-10

—>Equipment:  Bodyweight + Suspension Trainer, Gymboss interval timer or equivalent



15 Push Ups

30 Mountain Climbers

15 Squats

30 Jumping Jacks

15 Full Burpees or 15 Inverted Rows (if you have a suspension trainer)


*  Complete full reps of each movement for the set amount of reps.  Pay attention to full range of motion and technical perfection.  Your rest period is determined by the speed with which you complete the final rep of burpee.  Rest begins then.  Each round starts at the top of EVERY 2nd minute.

An example of what I am desc is seen below:

Minute 20… Start set

Minute 18… Start 2nd set

Minute 16… Start 3rd set

Minute 14… Start 4th set

… and so on.


Customize the workout to your training level…

  • Beginners/Intermediate:  Start with 5-7 rounds of this (10min-14min total work)

—–>  If it is easy, add more rounds of work.

  • Advanced:  Go for the full 10 rounds (20min) and don’t look back.

—–>  If it is easy, add load to the movements or add rounds (12-14rounds… 24-28 minutes)


Did you get your heart rate monitor yet?

Don’t underestimate the power of a bodyweight workout.  No excuses, just get the work done and get on with your day.

Remember the equation:

 Intense physical exertion + clean eating = Ramped up fat loss

See you soon… let me know how it goes…


*****  Did you see this girl?  She knows how to put a kink in the obesity hose*****