Black Friday 2016 Fitness Deals: Rogue, Amazon, Get RXd and DragonDoor


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are ideal time to take advantage of steam discounts on fitness equipment.

Dumbbells, barbells, air bikes, rowers, medicine balls, kettlebells, and on and on…

… are all discounted heavily during the days leading up to Black Friday, all of the way through Cyber Monday.

Most of these items are on temporary sales AND given either free shipping or huge discounts on shipping costs.

Remember, fitness equipment (bikes, rowers, weight, etc) is rarely light or easy to pack and ship.  A lot of shipping companies calibrate shipping fees based on weight, so… if a company is offering $5 flat shipping (as RogueFitness is right now), you better jump on it right now.

It’s common to pay $100 for a kettlebell, and also $100 of shipping on that same kettlebell.  That is money that you need not spend, especially with the deals that are going on this time of year.

Here are several companies that are offering incredible deals on right now, or through Black Friday and Cyber Monday:


Rogue Fitness


In a few short years, Rogue Fitness has gone from niche CrossFit equipment supplier, to a premiere fitness equipment company.  The intelligence in design, quality and the speed of innovation make Rogue Fitness a great option for gym equipment and accessories.

Although they are updating their website constantly with new deals, right now the most notable is the 5 items for $5 shipping.  So, you’ll get a deal on the item you purchase, plus only pay $5 for shipping on all 5 items.


Head over to for the deals.


No Black Friday post would be complete without including mega online retailer, Amazon.  While the deals on fitness products can be a littler harder to spot because of the massive catalog of products that Amazon sells, they are there if you look around.


Keep a close watch on Amazon this holiday shopping season.

Right now, the Lifecore Air Assault Bike is discounted to $799 + Prime Shipping.  This bike is normally $999 on every website, and rarely is shipping included.  Not to mention 2-day free shipping through Amazon Prime.

I noticed several other discounts on weight vests, jump ropes and slam medicine balls also.


Get RXd

Get RXd has two incredible products, the Xebex Airbike and Xebex Rower.  If you’ve been looking for alternatives to the LifeCore Assault Bike or the Concept 2 Rower, these are definitely it, without compromise.

Here’s a snapshot of the Get RXd homepage:


Both Xebex products, the Air Bike and the Rower, are currently on sale for $599 (40% off).  This is a steal.  If you have the funds, I would suggest pulling the trigger.

Also included in the above snapshot is Get RXd version of the “home gym package”.  Having outfitted a home gym piece by piece over the years, I can tell you that it can be a slow, sometimes frustrating process.

If you’re starting from ground zero, go for the package and get most everything you need in one transaction.




DragonDoor is a niche functional training company, originally making a name for itself with some of the best kettlebells on the market, kettlebell and bodyweight training guides, along with other unique training equipment.

Over the years, they have built a comprehensive offering of bodyweight and kettlebell programs in collaboration with some of the top fitness experts around the world.

A truly reputable company with some quality products.

Stock up!

This is one of only a couple of times a year that you are going to see massive discounts on fitness equipment and other active gear.  For the reasons listed above, I highly recommend stocking up on anything you’ve been looking at but haven’t purchased.  I sure will be!

Leave comments below on items you scored great deals on!