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I am currently designing my own training programs, but I am a huge fan of several other fitness products. I’ve narrowed down my recommendations to just two…


Animal Flow 

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 6.43.52 AM

Animal Flow is a bodyweight only, ground-based movement system that uses animal-like exercises to building strength, body awareness in space, joint control, power and movement fluidity.  

Animal Flow combines elements of several movement disciplines which is why it’s so powerful.   

The exercise progressions are designed to accomodate beginners all the way up to advanced movers looking for movement mastery. 

I use Animal Flow movements in nearly all of my workouts, either as part of a comprehensive warm up before lifting, combined with other training tools (kettlebells, barbells, suspension trainers, cardio machines, etc) to create hybrid circuits, or only using Animal Flow exercises to create challenging sequences and flow as the workout itself.   

The versatility of when/what/where/how Animal Flow fits into a workout has proven to be a great feature.  20-30 minutes of non-stop sequencing/flowing around a room is a normal thing for me now.

Ground based fitness (crawling, locomotion, etc) is loaded with benefits and an essential method of building physical capacities and staying healthy for life.  

Movement fluidity is not talked about enough in the fitness community, and Animal Flow accomplishes this extremely well.

Highly recommended product here. 


Bodyweight Athlete
Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 6.29.48 PM

Bodyweight based strength training is the most under-utilized mode of fitness.

Bodyweight training is still heavily associated with the military, high intensity fat loss or old school aerobics.  Endless amounts of reps, the same exercises and monotony.  

Lots of people aren’t aware of how potent bodyweight training is for building strength and muscle.  

This resonates with me personally because not long ago I was one of those people.

My approach to fitness was short-sighted and went like this…

… if I wasn’t lifting pulling, pressing, squatting or pick up heavy weight, I was wasting my time in the gym.  

Bodyweight exercises were reserved for warm-ups, cool-downs and the occasional high intensity/minimal rest work capacity circuit.  Bodyweight work were positioned as accessory exercises to lifting weights. 

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.  

In refection, I simply hadn’t taken the time to learn, apply and commit the principles of better bodyweight training.

I didn’t take the time to think about how bodyweight exercise can (and should) be manipulated just like free-weight training.  Increasing the load, time under tension and building up to more complexity exercises via smart progressions.  

The same principles that apply to free-weight training also apply to bodyweight training.

Anyways, once I finally made the commitment, it was a game-changer for my body and my opinions. The results were astounding.   

Consistently practicing variations of single arm push ups, advanced pulling and pistol squat variations made other exercises FEEL LIKE CHILD’S PLAY.  

My body felt more put together, integrated, complete, useable and dare I say “functional”.  I could create more total body tension when I need it, and all of my locomotion ground conditioning became much more fluid with the added strength.

Today, I preach about exploring smarter bodyweight training.  

Tip:  Bodyweight training doesn’t have to be the ONLY way you workout, this is foolish.  Don’t pigeon hole yourself unnecessarily. That being said, consider giving bodyweight based training a legitimate chance to deliver significant results.  It takes time, just like anything else worthwhile.     

In many ways, I feel bodyweight strength training is superior to lifting weights (cue the tarring and feathering), though my workouts involve both.  

Global Bodyweight Training built a phenomenal training program, “Bodyweight Athlete“, which focuses on the staple bodyweight exercises, which I consider to be the high reward exercises.

“Bodyweight Athlete” has become my primary recommendation for people interested in learning and building performance moving their own bodyweight against gravity.  

Ido Portal has referred to this endeavor as “self-dominance”, which is essentially physical ownership over one’s body.

Strength is a foundational physical element of becoming an better mover, handling real life situations and preserving the ability to function well over a lifetime.

It’s worth mentioning that bodyweight strength training builds muscle. A lot of people are interested in adding muscle to their frame, and smarter bodyweight training is certainly a great way to do it.

A stigma still lingers about bodyweight exercises being incapable of building muscle.  This seems crazy to me and makes sense at the exact same time.  

Building muscle requires an increase in loading, time under tension and progressive exercise complexity.

Problem:  Doing the same easy set of 10 push ups everyday expecting a different result.  

Solution:  Progressing to single arm push up variations which increases the load for the working arm, makes the movement total body oriented (tension from head to toe) and increases the difficulty.  

Less reps, more significant gains.  Again, this is not any different than adding weight to the bar to build strength, it’s just a shift how the load can be added using only bodyweight.

Make sense?

Making a swift transition away from easy bodyweight exercises to more difficult bodyweight exercises will absolutely facilitate building lean useable muscle.  

Another huge myth: You don’t have to be an elite gymnast to increase the difficulty of your bodyweight endeavors, simply follow the exercise progressions.  

Follow the step-by-step instructions in Bodyweight Athlete and kick some ass, ok?  



Diet and Nutrition

There are many ways to go about establishing your nutrition habits.  

At the end of the day, you’ve got to stick to a diet long enough for it to work.

Diet is not a dirty word.  The diet is your eating system, your food and beverage habits.   

Creating a caloric deficit, choosing nourishing foods, hydration and even being selective on not just how much food is being eaten, but when meals are being eaten are primary  

One of the biggest mistakes people make with diet is quitting on it too soon.

Getting lean, improving health biomarkers, building muscle, losing fat, fueling performance is driven by effective nutritional habits.  

The person who commits to sticking to a regimented diet that fits their lifestyle will make incredible gains, not just how they look, but how they feel.  

Diet is powerful.

Eat Stop Eat

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 5.42.13 AM

Eat Stop Eat is a premiere Intermittent Fasting product.  Brad Pilon hit a home run with this product by releasing it at the peak of the Intermittent Fasting craze, and it’s been a staple ever since.  The principles of the Eat Stop Eat diet are supported by science, which brings a tremendous amount of credibility to Brad’s work.  It is one of the most in-depth Intermittent Fasting products on the market, anywhere.  

Remember, Intermittent Fasting is better classified as a “pattern” of dieting since you’re essentially taking scheduled breaks from eating food.  Don’t be surprised by massive results with Intermittent Fasting because if you execute the principles consistently, the results unreal.

Brad’s newest product, Anabolic Again, is designed specifically for males.  

Sorry ladies.  


The Renegade Diet 

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 7.07.07 PM.png

Jason Ferrugia has been publishing quality fitness products for professionals and general population consumers alike for well over 10 years.  

The Renegade Diet is the perfect combination of supportive science and common sense application.  

No diet will work if cannot figure out how to integrate it into your everyday life.  

Ladies, don’t be scared off by the cover of the book, this diet doesn’t discriminate, it’s for everyone.  



Check back to this page from time to time.  

My recommendations will inevitably shift as my opinions evolve.  For now, these are the products with the biggest bang for your buck.


Cheers to your success…



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