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Ido Portal

Look, I know there are a lot of people out there that want Ido to publish a book, manual, or even compile notes from one of his MovementX seminars.  I’ve been checking the Ido Portal website for over 2 years waiting for the “store” link to produce some content.  I am a fan of his work, I’ll admit it.  A book, poster, manual… something… anything Ido.

We will buy.

But, the reality is that there hasn’t been any buyable content generated from Ido Portal, and quite honestly, I am not sure that there ever will be since Ido is an ever evolving teacher.

Putting words on a page that will stay there forever doesn’t seem like his style.

So, instead of combing through Ido’s old blog in desperate search of a place to start (which I have done out of curiosity), it is important to explore other resources that are well known for being superior in their respective niche’s.

Here are a few to get you started…

Gymnastics/Ground Based Movement

There aren’t many training tactics that will get you more functionally strong than gymnastics-based drills, particularly ring-based gymnastics work.  If you enjoy a systematic approach to training, and want to establish bodyweight self-dominance, these resources is must have for your library.

Barbell Training (all by Mark Rippletoe)

All of the books listed above were written by Mark Rippletoe, a few of the early editions even date back to 2005, 2007 and 2009 which in the fitness realm might seem ancient.  However, don’t be fooled by the bland cover art and no nonsense titles because I will tell you without hesitation that all of these books hold up to this day.

Barbell training is barbell training, not much as changed, and Rippletoe has been doing it long enough to give a world-class perspective on technique and progressions.

Whether you’re a beginner in search of a logical starting point or an expert lifter with years of training under your belt, it never hurts to go back to the basics.  Don’t confuse “basic” training with “ineffective” training.

Strength is one of the foundational pillars for physical development and always will be.  Ido talks often about the importance of building strength to support more technical forms of movement.  It’s essential.  You’ll find many references to Ido training heavy deadlifts and back squats.

Remember, single arm chin-ups and handstands are impressive feats of strength and athleticism, but they are also upper body exclusive feats.

Deadlifts and squats are important elements to a great training program.

Kettlebell Training

Pavel Psatsouline deserves credit for igniting interest in kettlebells in the Western hemisphere.  And while kettlebells have put a bad taste in some people’s mouths in recent years (anything that becomes too mainstream gets negative press), it is important to understand that kettlebells remain a brutally effective training tool.

Any fitness tool or tactic that catches fire in the mainstream is going to inevitably breed some really bad products and programs.

Pavel continues to publish fantastic content to this day, under the StrongFirst brand.

Sport Performance

Mark Verstegen and Mike Boyle are juggernauts in the sports performance arena.  Core Performance and Functional Training for Sports are two of the first performance enhancement books I ever read.  Both books completely shifted what I thought I knew about my time in the weight room.  My only regret is that I found them when I was finished with my collegiate athletic career.

Anything written by Verstegen or Boyle is going to be quality, they are both highly recognized and respected brands within the performance enhancement community.

Eric Cressey is the new-school of sports performance.  His brick and mortar training centers, Cressey Performance, and consistently packed with professional athletes from all sports.  He is a highly sought after strength and conditioning coach, fantastic book here.

Body Care/Maintenance

Becoming a Supple Leopard is a practical guide to fixing yourself.  Sounds funny to say, but that is exactly what Kelly is going to help you do.  Not every piece of advice in Becoming a Supple Leopard is going to apply to your situation, but you’ll find a goldmine of tips and pearls throughout the pages.

The Roll Model is a guide to self-massage, re-establishing mobility, tension relief and eliminating unwanted aches and pains.  Jill teamed up with Kelly Starrett for this book.  If you constantly feel like you need a massage, it’s time to learn how to treat yourself, at home, whenever you want.  Your bank account will thank you.

Gray Cook is a legend in the movement world.  Gray was one of the first to apply a scoring system to movement quality and use that scoring system to quantify an action plan for body imbalances/weak spots.  This book was published in 2003, but if you’ve never used any of Gray’s drills, particularly the “chop” and “lift” drill progressions, you’re in a for a treat.

Establishing symmetry in the body is a noble pursuit that will keep you healthy and performing at a high level for a long time.


There you have it, alternatives to keep you busy until Ido decides to publish his training philosophies.  But don’t hold your breath on an Ido Portal book anytime soon…




3 Simple Ido Portal Beginner Exercises To Practice

Ido Portal

Ido Portal movement training is quickly becoming the standard for building physical fitness.

Improving the control you have over your bodyweight is a noble pursuit.

Before you view the videos below, remember that advanced variations of movement/exercise, while being incredibly entertaining watch, are within everyone’s capacity to achieve.

The movement achievement recipe is simple:

Find an effective/potent training system/philosophy and practice it relentlessly.

Practice until you are sick of practicing.  Then practice some more.

The more you practice, the better you become at what you are practicing, which then grants you access to more challenging progressions and higher level practice.

Practice boosts understanding, awareness and insight, motor control, strength/stability/endurance/power/mobility.

The elite become elite because they are understand the value of practice, and how to leverage practice to rise above.

Now, while doing something is generally better than doing nothing, it is possible to practice incorrectly, which is why receiving feedback from a mentor or a teacher so valuable.  The teacher is an advanced at practicing, at a level that you are trying to get to.  The teacher, through experience has acquired understanding, knowledge to share with students.

The best teachers maintain the humble student mentality despite being considered experts.

With movement, more specifically body position, it is very easy and quite common to think that you are practicing technique correctly when you are not.

Improper body alignment or stopping short of full range of motion are two extremely predictable situations that a teacher has the eye and understanding to verbally cue or re-position to ensure that your time spent practicing is technique appropriate.

Below are a several examples of the Ido Portal ground based movement philosophy, performed by Ido himself.

QDR:  Beginner Rotational Push-Ups

NDA Beginner Lateral Push Ups

Harop Curl Beginner

The knock that I currently have on Ido’s portfolio of work is that there isn’t a clear and defined starting point for his movement systems.  Combing through his old blog provides some insight, but making sense of his system still remains a mystery for most.  I completely understand him wanting to keep the integrity of his movement system intact and avoid distortion (which often happens as the word spreads).

However there are some exceptional gymnastics-centric training systems available that can fill the voids that currently exist while serving as a great stepping stone as you transition into Ido’s movement philosophy.

Here are some those essential bodyweight training resources, which can found and purchased easiest on Amazon…

Whether you’re a novice or advanced trainee, a simple equipment set up can make a dramatic difference in your progress and overall enjoyment.

Gymnastics rings and parallettes are the best starting point and will provide big bang for your buck, and seemingly endless exercise progressions and variation.

L-Sit progressions, tuck and push-up variations, vertical and horizontal pulling exercises, hanging challenges are all best executed using gymnastic rings and parallettes.

The Nagoya Gymnastics Rings (Amazon, $30) currently have a 5-star rating and over 1,007 customer reviews.  You’re welcome to shop around, but for the price and quality, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal for similar quality.

Best-selling author and movement enthusiast Tim Ferriss has raved about these gymnastics rings after testing them himself in past newsletters and blog posts.  Gymnastics rings are an essential component for true bodyweight training, and an unbeatable buy in my opinion.

Personally, I built my parallettes from PVC pipe using these exact instructions.  It was inexpensive, simple and fast to assemble.  They work fantastic.

If you aren’t in the mood to DIY, I recommend these parallettes.


Cheers to you.


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