My Philosophy


I believe in a lot of different movement methods…

… mainly because, THEY ALL WORK.  

Arguing about the minutiae is a waste of time.  Every movement system is right on some level.  

I don’t have a “camp”.  I don’t pigeon hole myself to being a “movement” guy, a “metabolic” guy, a “bodyweight” guy, an “intermittent fasting” guy, etc.

I believe in it all.  

Every training method works, for a little while.  It’s true.  

There’s an emerging argument that very few “bad” exercises exist, just poor application and unprepared bodies. 

What’s bad for you, may not be bad for someone else, which may not be bad for me.  Right?

Is your body prepared to for what you’re about to do?

Quality results take time. Results are achieved through consistent and disciplined efforts, patiences and staying the course.

Pure hustle mixed with common sense.

When progress slows, stagnates or plateaus, bump up the effort and make adjustments.

Simple advice:  avoid short-cuts.  

Do the work.  Bite down and enjoy the long process of self-improvement, physically or mentally.  Staying on the path is important.  

Overnight transformations ARE NOT REAL.  EVER.  

Workout pillars…

  •  Progression/regression (every exercise can be made harder or easier)
  •  Rest, recovery, regenerate, remodel (break it down but build it back up)
  •  Move fast and slow (be an adrenaline junkie, but embrace calmness and grace)
  •  Efficiency and effectiveness (get in and get out, keep the main thing the main thing)
  •  Mind the past, present, and future (all impact progress)
  •  K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid)
  •  Humbleness and confidence (celebrate personal achievements)
  •  Have fun (if you are not enjoying it, why are you doing it?)

This blog shares experienced based ideas to the reader. 

You will find value in some topics I write about, but maybe not in others.  Extract what is useful to you, discard the rest.  This is A-OK.

Fitness is subjective…

What fitness looks like, feels like and performs like is very subjective.  

Fitness comes packaged in many different shapes and sizes.  Respect them all.

Did I mention, do the work? 

Adopting an attitude that accepts the grind… the process, the sweat… will pay you back over and over again in life.  Particularly with your physical practice.  

If you’re a beginner, you need to be hammering on the basics.  I won’t bend on this.  It’s tempting to bypass the basics in favor of sexy fitness strategies, but this is a mistake.  

KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid.  

Squats, lunges, chin-ups/pull-ups, push-ups, over head pressing, pulling, dragging, carrying, holding, twisting, running, rowing, walking, climbing, jumping, slamming, throwing.  

Keep the recipe simple.  

Check out my YouTube page for HUNDREDS of cataloged exercises, more uploaded daily.  

If you’ve been training for a while, my advice to you is largely the same, keep it simple.  Seek to gain new experiences, build new motor skills and play.  Yes, play.  

Of course, lifting more weight, doing more reps, conditioning for a longer duration, and transitioning into more challenging exercise progressions is the path to growth.  

But, do not look past the power of simplicity. Ever.


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Cheers to getting after it,





3 thoughts on “My Philosophy

  1. Hi Kyle,

    I met your date the other day. He shared your site and very proud. I will say its quite impressive. Use to bodybuild in college. Been about 7 years since Ihave lifted. Back gives me some grief down by the sciatic nerve with some minor degeneration forming. Interesting in core strenghting and eventual getting back in to nautilus.

    Drop me a line some time if you like.

    Kyle Klein

    1. Hey!

      Nice name! I appreciate you stopping by. I have a lot of work to do with regard to content and information on here, but it is a start. I have been putting my thoughts into a book that I have had the drive to write, so that is starting to take shape. I did speak with my Dad, and he said that you might be checking out the site.

      I have always been blessed to have a pretty strong network of individuals in other specialities, so those guys and gals will be contributing articles on a regular basis also. I don’t want anyone to get “mother deaf” with just me writing, so it helps to have great information coming from other people.

      Whatever gets people moving, eating better, and thinking bigger is what I am after. The creation of change.

      How were you training in the past? Heavy? More hypertrophy based for show?

      I bet I can learn some things from you…

      Yes, core strengthening is key. You should check some of your movement patterns. Overhead deep squat, rotational core stability, etc. When their are gaps in movement quality, chronic aches and pains can arise. Everyone deals with it, but those who stay dedicated to checking and re-checking their movement patterns can stay pain free. Gray Cook is a phenomenal resource. The Functional Movement Screen is a tool that may work wonders for you, assuming you had someone to screen you sometime.

      How often do you get soft tissue therapy done? (massage) Do you have a foam roller, lacrosse ball? Trigger points and other restrictions can create havoc, so eliminating those restrictions (assuming you have any) could give you significant relief.

      I have your email now… shoot me a reply back whenever you get an opportunity!

      Kyle G.

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