Basics of Movement 20XX| The A-B-C’s of Crawling Exercises


Movement 20XX is a brilliantly designed bodyweight fitness program that will build a  beginner’s body using appropriate exercise progressions, or challenge an experience mover looking to develop movement mastery. 

Created by Eero Westerberg, Movement 20XX is a bodyweight ground-based movement training system that integrates different training methodologies into one unique workout experience.  

With a closer look, you’ll notice elements of yoga, ground-based locomotion, and various gymnastics drills fused into one flexible training system.

Movement 20XX is made up of various crawling pattern, flow training and other locomotion exercises.  Many of these movements are modeled after the movement of animals.  

Of particular importance to me, is the fact that the Movement 20XX training system is scalable to any fitness level.  

If only the really fit people can benefit from a workout system, what is the point? 

Well designed, scalable training programs have limitless possibilities for progression.  

This translates into months and likely years of physical improvement.  

Talking with my wife the other day, I mentioned that practicing natural movement keeps people younger for longer.   

You’ve probably seen some of the movements…

Most people will be able to identify many of the traveling forms included in Movement 20XX workouts.  

Of the three main traveling forms:  Ape, Beast and Crab, only Beast has been more commonly referred to as “bear” or “bear crawling” in other areas of fitness.  

Adding Crawling and Locomotion drills to my workouts…

Over the course of a few months, I gradually increased crawling and locomotion pattern training frequency from 1-2 times per week (mainly during warm-ups), to a near daily practice and for much longer distances and durations.  

I’ve posted several videos on the Meauxtion YouTube page demonstrating 5+minutes of traveling forms/crawling.  

5+ minutes may seem like a long time to be crawling, but the time passes surprisingly quick.  

Increasing crawling speed is a valid adjustment that can really elevate heart rate and create a cardio training effect.

That being said, I believe crawling is an exercise best practiced soft and controlled ground interaction. 

How I use traveling patterns…

When I’m looking to challenge my core and upper extremities with some loading but still engage in movement, crawling serves a valuable purpose.  

Particularly on days where I wake up and feel residual fatigue or muscle soreness from the previous day’s resistance training or metabolic conditioning workouts.  

Each crawling pattern has a couple variations:

  •  Fast and slow tempo
  •  Forward, Reverse or Lateral

If you’re new to Movement 20XX exercises, start with a slow and controlled tempo.  

Slow and controlled practice allows for a better motor pattern education.  You’ll develop a better understanding of the mechanics and physical demands of each movement.  

The cadence of each movement can be ramped up from there. 

A is for Ape 

B is for Beast Crawl

C is for Crab Walk

Ground-based crawling and locomotion patterns injected some much needed variation and fun into my training regimen.  

One secret to maintaining a long-term relationship with your fitness is engage in activities you look forward to.  

The human mind is too weak to sustain a workout regimen it despises.  You’ll fizzle out on it in time.

Yes, make your workouts challenging, but make sure they’re enjoyable.

Movement 20XX training principles re-ignited my interest in expanding movement capacity.  

I love a good physical challenge, and these bodyweight ground-based movement patterns provide it every single time.

Engaging in more locomotion-based exercises reminded me it’s possible to finish a workout exhausted but REFRESHED, not beaten into a pulp.  

Lizard crawling for 20 yards can leave you feeling like you’ve never worked out a day in your life.  

Movement 20XX is a bodyweight based training system, which gives customers a huge advantage.  

Bodyweight training is a anytime, anywhere with zero equipment and limited space method of building fitness.  The smallest spaces become ideal gyms with bodyweight training.  

For more info, check out the Movement 20XX


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Cheers to the Basics of Movement 20XX,



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