M(eaux)tion Under Revision!


Meauxtion needs a long overdue makeover.

Please bear with me while I sift through hundreds of older posts, deleting all of the shitty ones, keeping what I find to be useful.  Posts that I keep will undergo a revision process for improvement.  Who knows, you might even find the posts I keep are shitty.  If so, I apologize.

I was reading an older post last night embarrassed, to be honest.  It was caked with spelling errors and no real direction.  While reading, I felt like I composed better sentences in grade school.

I started this blog several years ago as an outlet to purge my thoughts on strength and conditioning (I still struggle with the word “fitness”).  I never expected to get the amount of traffic I’m currently getting.  

My initial goal was to write about fitness topics in a relatable fashion.  I wanted to remove the jargon and minutiae while restoring some common-sense flavor.  

I have very strong opinions about encouraging my readers to transition workouts away from brick and mortar gyms, into the home.  Cancel your gym membership.  Especially if you find yourself legitimately short on time, you must consider this as an amazing option.  

Also, consider scaling back on the calorie counting.  To me, scrutinizing over calories has always seemed like a way for people to justify, measure and manage bad nutritional decisions.  To get you started, read this book.  

Home-based fitness is economical and time intelligent.  Who doesn’t want more money and time?

You’ll also find I am not a zealot fitness guru.  It’s not me.  I drink beer, eat donuts with my wife (with some seriously coaxing), always look forward to Friday night fish fry and I frequently crush 2-for-1 burgers on Thursdays without having to be sold hard to do so.  The key is moderation.  

Anyways, back to the program.  Keep the main thing the main thing, Kyle…

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook  and Pinterest (yes I said Pinterest) are all receiving some tender love and care at the moment.  

Meauxtion is a digital-based business.  I still train a couple people face-to-face, but my Meauxtion primarily lives on the internet.  The internet allows for a much broader reach.

I’ve had a fascination with the connection power of the internet for quite a while.  I’d like to leverage it to do some good.  

The end game for me is to build a community, where the community finds inspiration from real life case studies/stories and the learning happens from within.

My background is team-based athletics, I realize now the team environment is where I thrive.  People make exponentially greater progress when surrounded by a supportive team.  Leaders within the team find ways to ignite the inner fire of those who need it most.  No one is left behind, the experience is shared and advances are made as a unit. 

You guys deserve better reading material so that is now my focus.  I also need to get my shit together with a business logo, decent pictures, and HD videos.  No one likes grainy ass videos.

Cheers to you, celebrate your effort always.







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