How Many Eggs Can Be Eaten Everyday?

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As I was perusing through one of my trusted nutrition websites, Authority Nutrition, I noticed there was a posting about egg consumption that was a few days old.

Articles about eggs always catch my eye. I am a huge supporter of egg consumption, and yes that means eating the entire egg, not just the white portion.

Eggs, considering their cost and nutritional impact, are probably one of the best foods that a human can eat. They are a great source of protein. If you’ve adopted resistance training into your exercise regimen, eggs provide a daily protein boost that will aid in your quest to build more lean muscle.

Obviously, there is more to complete nutrition than just eggs. But if you’re in search of a quality source of protein that simultaneously provides other vital vitamins and minerals without breaking the piggy bank, you really need to consider eggs.

If I was really down on my financial luck, and I needed to choose one food to get me through, I would choose eggs. Cheap, easy to cook and nutritionally dense.

For those of you who are still on the fence about making the transition away from breakfast cereals, toast and oatmeal, please give this article a read. I think that the information provided will help to ease your mind about the consumption of eggs. Notice the scientific support from the author, it’s a nice touch.

For those who are already eating eggs steadily, here is an article from Authority Nutrition that was published on February 6th. Give the entire article a focused read. This is the article that further discusses the health benefits from eating eggs, and also what might possibly be the boundaries of how many eggs can be eaten everyday.

The information is solid and entertaining.

I am in no way preaching that everyone needs to be eating eggs, but I am saying that it’s helpful to understand that eggs are a tremendously healthy alternative to sugary breakfast foods. When you consider that more and more research points toward sugar intake as a major contributor to poor body composition and other health issues, eggs begin to look like a superfood. Maybe a savior for some.

Heck you can even have eggs for lunch or dinner, which I do quite often.

Also notice that the article is very upfront that most of the larger population studies that investigate health benefits/negatives of egg consumption involve consuming 3 eggs per day (at the most).

The author does a great job reiterating this throughout article.

I personally eat 3 eggs per day at the minimum. Breakfast is always a 3 egg scrambler with veggies and left over lean meat from the previous night’s dinner.

If it is a training day, which most days are, I also add in some Ezekiel toast with peanut butter. Peanut butter is my vice food.

Lately, I have been buying eggs in bulk (box of 96ct.) to save myself time from having to run to the grocery store and the pain from waking up to no eggs in the refrigerator. I highly suggest any of you reading this look into how you can buy in bulk also. If you have good food conveniently available, you’re more likely to eat it. If you have to go through the trouble of driving to the store, checking out, driving back home, cooking it, you might find that you’re more apt to avoid it altogether.

Whatever is most readily available, you’ll eat.

I have also gotten back into hardboiling a dozen eggs at the beginning of the week. Hardboiled eggs make an amazing protein rich mid-day snack, especially in situations where you don’t have much time to sit down and eat, as I do not most of the time.

1 egg has roughly 6g of protein. Eat 3 eggs and you’ve just taken in 18g of protein without giving the situation much thought.

Sprinkle some salt on top for added flavor or just eat them peeled as they are. Wash it down with some ice cold water and you just had a meal/snack that you can feel great about.

Let me know what you think of the article, as I thought that it would be a great read for all of you…

Cheers to eating more eggs!


*** If you want less trivial information and more of a structured nutritional system, I highly suggest you check out Precision Nutrition.


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