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I am always on the lookout for inspiration and real world insight.

I feel that there’s something to be learned, large or small, from every experience in life. Whether that experience is auditory, visual or hands-on, we can extract something of value and apply it to our live’s somehow.

Most of my car drives these days are either filled with an audiobook of some kind (mobile university) or Howard 100 on SiriusXM radio. It’s really one or the other since I have become so picky with music these days.

Lately, the Jetta’s speakers have mostly projecting Howard Stern. Sorry, I can’t help it if you don’t like Stern, but his show is ridiculously entertaining, and most times is incredibly informative when he gives unfiltered and uncensored interviews to world-famous people. For the last 4 years, I have renewed my Sirius subscription without hesitation because I am addicted to Howard Stern’s two channels: Howard 100 and Howard 101.

He’s a master of his industry, and the simple fact that I didn’t think twice about handing over my credit card number to renew my year’s subscription teaches me the how much providing value matters. If his show didn’t make my time in the car more tolerable, I would have cancelled Sirius without batting an eyelash. I could easily roll that money into more books for my Kindle or a nice monthly meal with my fiancé.

But, as Howard has talked about on the radio, he works relentlessly (to this day) to create the best possible radio content for his listeners. If he felt he wasn’t giving his fan what they deserved (or in this case what they have paid hard earned money to hear), he would hang it up and retire. I admire that.

Pure value.

Howard Stern’s radio value definitely takes a different shape than the value that I will be working to create in 2014 on this blog and through ebooks, etc, but nonetheless it’s still value.

On to health…

Although Howard is by no means the “master of the universe”, he has spent a great deal of devoted time working on improving his current version of himself. In other words, he is always looking to grow as a person, whether that growth comes emotionally, physically or spiritually. He talks at great length about his time spent with his psychiatrist, where he (for years) has tried to gain a better understanding about what makes him tick.

I also admire this, but not just from a famous radio host, from anyone that works to bring themselves closer to their ideal self.

His vast success on the radio is a testament to his work ethic and commitment to be the best at his craft. While Howard is obviously the talent, he has also had the wherewithal to surround himself with others who have great talent, possibly more than him in certain areas. The results of collaboration toward a common goal can move mountains. I could provide many examples of this from history and present day, but that is outside the scope of this article.

Let’s try this again, on to health… 🙂

The other day I turned on the radio to catch him tearing into one of his staffers, Benji. Benji is one of the writer’s for the Stern show (and a good one at that) who is famous for his clever public pranks and funny radio bits. Benji is an absolute character.

Benji has recently been trying to fast (not eat food) in order to drop weight and regain control of his health. As is common with a lot of people, Benji lost focus with healthy habits. He had gained an unnecessary large amount of weight and now wants it gone ASAP.

Howard’s conversation with Benji evolved into a real lashing (as it normally does with a lot of his staffers who refuse to listen to his advice).

In the end, Howard’s health advice was simple…

1) He advised Benji to simply watch what Howard eats on a daily basis, and follow his lead.

2) He advised Benji to take it slow versus going extreme from the start.

3) He advocated that Benji turn his efforts toward tactics that he actually enjoys.

Now let’s briefly touch on why I valued Howard’s health advice to Benji…

#1. Role models are everything in life. There is an extremely high likelihood that someone, somewhere, has already done what you are attempting to do. They have already 100 people down the line from the person that invented that wheel. In some rare instances, this isn’t true at all, but in general, it is. When talking about health and how to approach getting healthy, honestly, get with someone that is already on the healthy path. Do what they do. Rub shoulders with them in the gym and eat as many meals with them as you can. Learn from what they do, study their journey. Health is unique is that it’s pretty black and white. You are either mindful of what you eat and how much you move, or you aren’t… and it shows no both ways.

#2. If you have the mental capacity to handle ramping up the health intensity from the get go, go for it. Most people don’t. We THINK we do, but we really don’t. It’s mentally draining to get healthy. It’s stressful breaking habits and the anxiety of not eating the foods that you used to eat or laying around the house watching tv like you used to, is enough to make a person develop a twitch. SLOW DOWN. Health is a process. It takes time and it takes TLC (tender love and care). There are no overnight successes and instant gratification is often times your worst enemy. Most of all, avoid taking the short sighted approach to body transformation. 30 day goals are great, but if you can’t make it stick for life, what is the point. Use the 30 day therapy at the stepping stone, but when that 30 days is up, you need to transition into the next sustainable plan. SLOW DOWN, DO IT RIGHT.

#3. Enjoyment in the process is something that has become a larger focus in the health advice that I distribute. If you don’t enjoy the nutritional strategies and workout vehicle that you’re using to regain health, you risk burnout. It was hard for me to be honest with myself when I started this blog. Not everyone will enjoy the tactics that I write about. Some people will try one of my workouts and realize that it’s not for them. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work, it just means that it was not to their liking. I don’t care if you leverage Zumba, Insanity, Tae-Bo or Prancercise… make sure that you identify health strategies that you thoroughly enjoy and you’ll be fit for life. Exploring your options is important, I understand this. I’m not turned on by every high level fat loss article that I read… Some just don’t fit my personality or my lifestyle. Use what is useful, discard the rest.

So what is “King of All Media”, Howard Stern’s Diet?

Well, he only gave examples of meals that he eats and it went something like this:

Breakfast- Egg Whites, half piece of toast and fruit.
Lunch- Salmon with 1/4 baked potato and veggies.
Mid-afternoon snack- Apple
Dinner- Eat out or at home (protein with veggies/fruit)

He keeps it simple. I can appreciate that. Humans are capable of keeping themselves healthy, and to be cliche, it is a choice.

But once you make that choice and stick to it, it’s all downhill from there.

If you’re interested in learning how to leverage the food you eat to burn fat and build muscle, check out Precision Nutrition!

The program is designed to be gender specific… so…

—> Free 5-Day Fat Loss Course for Women.

—> Free 5-Day Fat Loss Course for Men.

It’s an empowering feeling knowing that the food you eat (and the timing of that consumption) is giving you a metabolic advantage, no matter what your age or body type. Howard turned 60 years old this year and he often comments that his body has never looked or felt better since he started focusing on leveraging the kind of nutritional strategies that are being shared in the Precision Nutrition System.

It’s truly amazing how far a small amount of knowledge and know-how can take a person, and once you have that knowledge and know-how, you are equipped with those tools for life.

If your 2014 New Year’s Resolutions involved weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain or anything else related to body transformation, I will remind you that we are already half way through January. The clock is ticking, so stop wasting time. A year from now you’ll never remember (and certainly won’t regret) making such valuable investment in yourself!



Cheers to the Howard Stern Diet and your ongoing success!



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