No Matter What, Aim For Results

Quick Tips

With so much information and bantering over fitness minutiae circulating around the internet, it can be rather confusing to decide on which path to follow.

Should you trust the scientifically supported advice?

Should you trust the “reality based” advice?

Should you trust the “I have a million fitness certifications behind my name” advice?

Should you trust the “new trends in fitness” advice? Trends of the past?

I think the honest truth is that each of us should simply put our heads down and just aim for results.

I do enjoy research driven methods, but I also enjoy the reality based approach. I like new trends and older trends. It all works, if you work it.

Whatever vehicle you choose to get you to your destination, execute it to the fullest, and I can just about guarantee you that following the results based approach is going to serve you well. If you find that the results achieved aren less than you had hoped for, evaluate

As I mentioned, there is an awful lot of bantering on the internet, and to be honest, I have disconnected myself from a lot of blogs and websites that I used to read. It’s fatiguing to read negative articles and postings all of the time, and in my ongoing effort to inject more positivity into my life, I had to begin limiting my exposure to such nonsense, nearly removing all of it from my information diet.

Feels good to have a clean slate if I do say so myself.

So the next time that you head to the gym, and you overhear two meatheads or soccer moms arguing over who’s diet is better or what exercises are best for tightening up their buns, take the high road. Put your headphones in and do your own work. Follow your game plan. By the time those two individual finish up their 20 minute argument, you can have worked your way through two total body tri-sets.

It feels good to get simple get things done. Get in, get out, get on with your life.


Let others waste their time bantering over the minutiae while you humbly, consistently and aggressively move closer to your ideal physical self.

Keep aiming for results and you’ll be just fine… trust me 🙂

Cheers to results over minutiae!


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