The Huffington Post Advocates Exercising With “Kettleballs” to Burn Fat and Lose More Weight

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“Kettleballs” are a great tool for exercise enthusiasts looking to building elite level endurance, raw strength and burn fat.

The Huffington Post thinks so at least.

After opening the “news” drop down on my iPAD today, my eyes immediately connected with the bolded heading “Kettleballs”.

Here’s precisely what my eyes saw:


I’m fascinated by the suggestion because it seems that I’ve been using the wrong tool all of these years!

You see, I’ve been using kettlebells to build and maintain my boyish figure. But that’s not what the Huffington Post is recommending.  They’re touting “kettleballs” as the go-to workout tool for those who are serious about reshaping their bodies.

I feel cheated.

What might I look like had I been using “kettleballs” all this while? How would my performance improve if I had been using “kettleballs”?  Could I have been spending less time training and more time building other businesses if “kettleballs” were a part of my daily workouts?

I Googled “kettleballs” just to see what I have been missing…

Kettleball Training

I couldn’t believe it!  Photo after photo kept popping up!

Kettleball Extreme Training

“Kettleball” exercises that incorporate bite strength?!  I was feeling weaker with every passing second…

… and then… the dagger…

Faster results with kettle balls

I had hoped that I wouldn’t see any “kettleball” claims like the picture above, but there it was, staring me in the face.  I did the math on this.  I could have trained for 10min per day (instead of 30 min) and seen 3x the striations in my muscles, increased abdominal visibility and all while shaving minutes off of my trail race time.

Stupid kettlebells. Their worthless it seems!

I’ve been swinging, pressing, pulling, carrying and snatching a cheap knock-off piece of equipment.


Here’s a link to The Huffington Post’s “kettleball” workout review that I am ripping on so hard.

Got Kettleballs?

Got “kettleballs”?



Cheers to the “kettleball”!


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