A Self-Limiting Barrier to Fat Loss and Performance: “If I Had ________ Than I Would Definitely _________ ” Syndrome

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This will probably be the easiest post that I ever compose on this blog.

The idea is clear and I think that most of us can relate to it, at least at some point in our lives.  Heck, maybe we feel this on a daily basis.

It’s a common barrier to fat loss and performance.  

As the title of the blog shows, “If I had ____ I would definitely be _____” is a self-inflicted syndrome.  

Some common examples go like this:

  • If I had more time to workout, I would definitely be in better shape.
  • If I had a membership to that new gym on the other side of town, I would definitely be in better shape.
  • If I had more money to go 100% organic with all of my food, I would definitely be able to see my abs.  
  • If I had more equipment at my house, I could perform all of the best exercises and engage in all of the best workouts that the magazines talk about.
  • If I had more fitness apps on my iPhone, I would be able to make much greater gains in much shorter time.
  • If I had better fitness apparel, I would re-dedicate myself to my movement.
  • If I had those supplements, I would be able to drop the weight and exercise more frequently.

If I had _____ I would definitely_____” Syndrome.

It’s a syndrome brings us to our knees, cripples us, leaves us uncertain about whether our goals are worth all of the effort. 

We convince ourselves into thinking that the grass is greener on the other side, and then when we get to the other side, we realize that the grass is the exact same color.

Use exactly what you have right now, where you are at right now.

If something is worth doing, it’s always worth the effort.

Don’t get caught up in the minutiae of building health, wellness and performance.

Because there is a lot of minutiae.  If you’re a beginner, all you need to know is enough to get started.  If you’ve already started, all you need to know is enough to keep going.  

You’d be surprised at how taking a few minutes to re-examine your training options can open doors to new challenges and a refreshing movement experience.  But you have to be willing to open your eyes to all of the things that you do have going for you (time, equipment, space, a roof, mobility, etc) versus dwelling on all of the things that you don’t have.  

If you’re wondering where you can find new ideas for your training, comb over the archives of this blog.  I have been posting for a little over a year.  There are more than 150 posts to read on Range of Motion.  Bookmark it in your browser or better yet, sign up to get an update whenever I post.  

A lot of the posts on this blog contain workouts and effective exercise variations, some performed by yours truly and others I outsourced because I didn’t have the video or someone else was more effective at demonstrating.  Eat your heart out.  

One big culprit of “If I had _______ I would definitely ________” Syndrome are fitness “secrets”.  There are no secrets, there is only what you know and what you don’t know.  And you don’t know what you don’t know.  Ok?

If you’re really in an exercise slump, redirect yourself back into the movements that you avoid and hate the most.  Chances are quite high that those same movements might be the missing link in your training success.  More often than not, this advice will hold up.  That which you dread just might that which you need.  

Just a few simple thoughts on a Monday.

Go do something great today.  Go ahead, you have time.

Less thinking and more doing, and I will do the same.


Cheers to wiping “If I had ____ I would definitely ______” Syndrome off of your shoes at the front door before entering!





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