The RKC Deep Six Kettlebell Workout

Quick Tips

Kettlebells, back again… with more kettlebells.

Hey, when you find a tool that works and you understand how to leverage its potential, do it.  So, I do it!

The good news is that this time you only need one kettlebell to make this training session happen in full.

The RKC Deep Six Kettlebell workout is a lesson in how far the ‘fundamentals’ can take you.

Nothing but the fundamental drills of kettlebell training are involved here, which is great because the fundamentals often get brushed to the wayside as more fancy drills begin to appear.  At heart, I am a fundamentals kind of guy.

Simplicity in your workout endeavors can take you a great distance, but you’ve heard that before on here haven’t you?  🙂

What are the fundamental drills you ask?

  • Snatch
  • Single Arm Swing
  • Clean to Press
  • Squat (offset loading)
  • Turkish Get Up

That’s a great line up right there.  A very solid line-up.  There is a lot of work being performed in a workout that has a foundation of  the above movements.

So, how does the workout… work?

Each of the movements are to be performed in the order above, from top to bottom.  So, you’ll start with completing all of the reps for your snatches, then move on to completing the reps for single arm swings, then clean to press, etc.  You get the idea.

The Turkish Get-Up ends up being last on the list.

Now, the repetition structure of The RKC Deep Six Kettlebell Workout is simple and looks the following:

5 Snatches

5 Single Arm Swings

5 Clean to Press

5 Squats

1 Turkish Get Up

The rep scheme for this workout is ideal for beginners and advanced alike.  The reps for each movement are simple to remember, with the Turkish Get Up being the only odd ball with 1 rep per side.  So, remember… 5 reps for every movement (per side) except the Turkish Get-Up, which uses 1 rep.

When you’re working through work capacity style training sessions, simple rep schemes are a godsend.  You don’t want to be constantly checking your notebook or iPhone to remember your reps.  It’s annoying and disruptive to the flow and effectiveness of the session.  KISS (keep it simple stupid).

Now, because this is a single kettlebell workout, you’ve got to change hands at some point.  So, you’ll be performing the above rep recipe for one complete round on one side (whichever side you choose to start with left or right) and then changing hands without putting the bell down (yes you read that correctly).  After completing your movements on both sides you’ll rest for a designated amount of time, which I will touch on in a moment.

Moving a kettlebell from hand to hand can seem like a tough task, but a simple low swing, or even transitioning the bell at chest height (in the rack position) from one hand to the other will work just fine.  The hand to hand swing is preferred if you can manage it, but if not, no worries.  Just do your best to keep each round flowing as you make the transition.  Rest will be coming to you at the end of the opposite hands work set, so battle through.

Rest depends on your current conditioning level, but aim for 1-2 minutes between each round.

How many rounds?  3-5 total rounds.

So again, just to recap:

The RKC Deep Six Workout

  • 5 reps per movement (except Turkish Get Ups x1) per arm.
  • Change hands (sides) without putting the kettlebell down.
  • 3-5 total rounds (one time through with each hand equals 1 round)
  • 1-2 minutes rest after each round

*  Keep water and a towel nearby.  Wet hands on kettlebells made of cast iron creates a dangerous scenario that can end badly for your feet should you lose grip on the down swings of the snatch, swing or clean.

If you don’t know how to execute any of the individual movements in this training session… the middle of the work set is not the time to try it for the first time.  That’s a horrible idea.

You should be proficient in each of the drills listed before you enter a workout like this, as it only makes logical sense.

Scale this workout to your abilities and you’re golden…

Let me know how you made out in the comments section below…


Cheers to simplicity and leveraging your training equipment!



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