Quick Tips

ImageThe KISS method is the most effective path to jumpstarting a consistent training program.

It’s also how you make a active lifestyle stick for the long-term.

If I handed a lot of people a 12-week training plan, most won’t progress passed the first week, if not the first few days.

It’s just too much to process.

Too much information to process.  All of the information creates a surplus of anxiety and excitement inside of a person’s head.  They have EVERYTHING that they need in that 12-week program, but there are way too many moving parts to concentrate on completing them.  

We lose focus and end up doing nothing when we get overwhelmed.

We shut down.  

What you can handle (mentally and physically) will determine what you need right now, at this very moment.

And surprisingly, the amount that you need to make significant change is relatively small.  

If I write the world’s greatest fat loss program, not everyone is going to hit a home run with it.

Why?  Because the world’s greatest fat loss program might be way too much for most people to digest.

My hesitation in talking about kettlebells on this blog has always been that not everyone is ready for kettlebells.  Some people don’t even know what they are until they read about it on here.  Are they good candidates for kettlebell training?  Maybe, maybe not.  

Maybe we should consider that there are far better places for these folks to start.  Places that will engrain powerful habits of exercise that will one day evolve into kettlebell training and all of the amazing benefits that come along with kettlebell training.

Some folks cannot execute a bodyweight squat, push up or run a 1/2 mile without taking a pitstop.  And that’s fine if you can’t, all in good time.  You have to start somewhere.

I reference the Bruce Lee quote consistently on this blog:

“Absorb what is useful and discard the rest”.

This blog is a la carte style.  You pick the information that you can apply to your situation right now.  Act on it.  Everything else, discard.  You won’t hurt my feelings by doing so.  

And truthfully, I write about whatever I feel like writing about for that day.  My most popular posts have been centered around sharing detailed workouts, but I don’t want to be the blog that just shares workouts without discussing WHY you’re engaging in them.  

Treat this blog like a menu at a restaurant.  At a restaurant, not everyone in the group is going to order the same meal, which is why they provide a vast variety of options.  

Back to KISS…

The next time that you get the motivation and inspiration to push forward with a movement program, take a second to step back and ask yourself, “How complicated does this process need to be?  Can I arrive at my destination (goal achievement) by employing simple strategies?”

KISS is a theory that thinks so.

Many before you have used KISS to absolute perfection, achieving amazing results over time.  Be patient and proactive in your approach, and for heaven’s sake… KISS!

Try this KISS workout today:




Cheers to KISS!




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