Are We Aiming For Weight Loss or Are We Aiming For Happiness?

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There is a concept emerging from the behavioral/psychology scene that I predict is going to make it’s way into the health and wellness arena.


The pursuit of happiness over the pursuit of weight loss, fat loss, muscle, athletic prowess.  

Because happiness is at the root of all of these things if you stop and think about it.  

We all want to lose weight for different reasons, but when you boil it down, the foundational motivation to lose weight might be so that we can experience emotions of happiness.  

Happiness is the fuel is at the root of nearly every action that we take in our lives, and when opportunities slip by, we tend to lose these feelings of happiness.  We experience regret, discontent and guilt.

We feel bad, not happy.

Everyone wants to feel happy.  Happy feels good.  

I’m not a scientist and won’t pretend to be, but what if you shifted your thought process away from “I want to lose weight” to “I want to be happy”?  

Would that change anything for you?  

Maybe, maybe not.  Not every method is effective for every person.  

I think humans have a tendency to place focus on the wrong things at times, and I can certainly be lumped into this bunch.  We develop tunnel vision toward something we want, like weight loss or money for example.  But we don’t stop and think about our deeper reasoning for wanting it.  

It seems like the moment that we uncover the real reasons for our pursuits might be the moment that we develop an unshakeable attitude and drive toward accomplishing that pursuit.



Cheers to being happy…






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