Ido Portal QOD (Quote of the Day)

Quick Tips

With all of the rage about WOD’s, WMD’s and DTF’s, whoops…

I thought that I would post a quote from one of Ido Portal’s YouTube videos.  I love this guys philosophy on exploring movement.  Referring to Ido as a jack of all trades wouldn’t be fair, because in modern society we often think of someone like this as being “sort of” good at everything, but a master of none.

Maybe I’ll start posting SWOD’s, “swing workout of the day”.  Or BOD’s, “breakfast of the day”.  Maybe TOD’s, “television of the day”.

But through watching his few YouTube videos and reading some written word from Ido, it seems that he has it all figured out.  I like his approach.

P.S.  I’m still unsure about the everted ankle jumping, but hey, I don’t need to agree with everything that everyone says.


My personal feeling on this statement is quite simple…

Why subject yourself to proving this statement incorrect?  When your ability to move is taken from you, what if you cannot get it back?  Or worse?

Don’t bet the farm, keep moving people.


Cheers you moving because you can…



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