Example of 3 Simple Kettlebell Workouts

Quick Tips

Lifeline Kettlebells

Kettlebells are a great tool for the home gym.

If you’re scared of making the monetary investment in a decent pair of kettlebells, don’t sweat it.

Kettlebells will out live you.  Spread $100-$200 over a lifetime and you’re looking at pennies per month to own a nice selection of kettlebells.  Besides, nothing is more refreshing than eliminating that boring commute to and from the stuffy ass gym that you’re training in, where you have to fight for equipment or discuss politics with the guy next to you (who is resting on the equipment that you need to finish your training session).

Ugh, I don’t regret leaving the gym atmosphere, not for one second.

I’ll always pump the tires of companies that I personally support and believe in.  If you’re interested in purchasing some kettlebells, head on over to LifeLine Fitness (a Madison, WI based company) and get yourself some.

Read up on the good starting weights for males and females, but I’ll go ahead and make the suggestion that you purchase the next size bell.  You’ll grow out of your suggested starting weight rather quickly.  Adaptations happen quickly with kettlebells and most people are swinging bells that are far too light to have any significant impact.  Especially swings are designed to load the hips explosively, and the hip musculature are the most powerful in the human body.  Swings require a decent load, so load up people.

I started with a 20kg kettlebell and almost immediately moved to the Russian Special Forces standard weight of 24kg. I hovered there for a while before adding a second 24 kg kettlebell.  Double kettlebell movement opens doors to whole other world of training, one that is perfect for complexes and other work capacity based sessions.

Training sessions that incorporate high amounts of work in a condensed time frame will blow fat off your body quickly.

Here are examples of 3 simple kettlebell workouts that I commonly use in my own personal workout regimen…

1)  Kettlebell Flow

2)  Kettlebell Swings on the Minute (aka:  swing-stop-swing-stop)

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 6.47.23 PM

I tend to use a much heavier kettlebell for this workout than I do for workout #3 (listed below).  Grip strength is tested toward the middle/end of the workout, but having two hands on the bell during swings helps to distribute the stress to both hands, versus snatches, where the load of the bell is directed at one hand.

3)  15:15 Kettlebell Snatch Intervals (20 minutes total)

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 6.52.18 PM

I use a sub-maximal weight kettlebell for this type of workout.  Speed of movement from top to bottom, without sacrificing technique are my focus.  I could probably go for a 24kg kettlebell for this type of training session, but the 20kg has been my go to.

This is hight repetition snatch work.  Make sure you’re resting between sessions like this.  Overdoing snatches will tear up your hands, mess with your nervous system and potentially cause some overuse response in your shoulder/back musculature.  Just be aware of these things, don’t dwell on them.


Fire up one of these workouts today or tonight.  If you don’t own a kettlebell, go buy one.

You won’t regret it.

Oh one more things… if you want shorter tidbits on movement and health, head over to my Facebook Page and give it a like 🙂


Cheers to the simplicity of effective workouts,



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