Kelly Starrett: The View Hosts Attempt to Become Supple Leopards

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How to Become a Supple Leopard Squatting


Yesterday, I caught a couple of clips of the segment that Kelly Starrett (creator of led on The View.

Yes, that’s right, The View.  I couldn’t be happier for the guy.  He put out free content for 365 days straight before building an audience that allowed for a website makeover, fitness product launch and a subscription based service to his content.  Awesome.

I have spoken highly of Kelly on this blog in the past, and my opinion has not changed.  Some of his methods seem to cater to the extreme fitness seekers, but for the most part, I value a lot of his concepts.  I think that he is a breath of fresh air in the fitness industry, and many of his ideas will stick.

The picture above is a snapshot that I took during the segment.

I think that it is brilliant, and Kelly’s commentary during the segment was slightly more polished with less jargon than his famous YouTube videos are.  It was funny watching the co-hosts attempt to follow Kelly’s lead and squat.

Forgive me, but I don’t know their names, but the male host was blabbing his mouth the entire time, essentially avoiding the squat drill.  I like his fabricated joke about calling his gardener to tend to his garden instead of doing it himself… I bet the “audience applause” sign lit up like a Christmas tree on that one.  If his writers didn’t set him up with that one, I bet he walked into the studio that morning bursting at the seems to crack that one-liner.

Real talk:  In my experience, if a person will not participate in a movement sensitive drill on my asking, it is typically for a reason.  No one wants to feel dumb, and that is never my intention of implementing the drill.  When the person refuses to participate after verbal instruction and my visual demonstration, that is a red flag to me that they probably lack the movement capability to successfully complete the movement.

I would bet that Mr. Jokey cannot squat for shit.  

The female co-host, Kelly I believe is her name, did her best.  Hell, at least she participated.  I found it ironic that she was wearing giant stilettos, which most of us know by now have wrecked females feet since their creation.  Fixing the ankle joint in that static/plantar flexed position all day will strip you of your ankle mobility faster than you can imagine.  Factor in that a lot of females wear heels for their careers and also out on the weekends, and that is a lot of poor ankle mobility we have on our hands.

Anyways, Kelly tried to squat and she maybe broke a depth that allowed for the backside of her thighs to reach parallel to the ground (which doesn’t mean that her femur bones reach that depth).  At that point, she hunched and locked up.

For your viewing pleasure, here are the clips:

I also love that Kelly announced that sitting is the new smoking.  I probably didn’t coin that term, but in my social circle, I have been saying it for years.  I should get shirts made and a website set up.

Another important point in Kelly’s brief segment where he says that many of the orthopedic problems that people experience today can be prevented, by that person, on their own, at home.


We can take care of ourselves, we just need to take the time to seek out good information and then execute that information and make change.

How to you know what classifies “good information”?  Let me guide you here folks… I will continue to post links on this blog to resources that I truly value while giving my take on things, and hopefully you can find some value in all of it.

Here is the first resource of value… buy his book:

How to become a supple leopard book cover

Cheers to doing your own gardening and supple leopards!



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