Are You a Hotel with a Gym?… Thank You. If Not, We’ll Ruin Your Doors.

Quick Tips

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Finding time and space to workout while on the road can a real nightmare.

For those of you who travel often for your career, you undoubtedly know exactly what I am talking about.

It’s a constant challenge to find the motivation and the square footage.

Nothing is ever ideal while traveling, and maintaining positive progress is difficult.  It’s a real shame that it has to be this way, because so many of us travel frequently.

Not every hotel has made a conscious effort to provide its customers with adequate fitness equipment.  It’s disturbing to think about, especially since the active approach to life is gaining momentum.

For those hotels that currently have (and always have) provided paying customers with quality/spacious amenities like well equipped fitness rooms… I would like to say… thank you.

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Few and far between…

Thank you for taking the time to appreciate that not everyone who travels wants to sit in the hotel bar and waste away all night.  I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy a beer or two to come down after a long day of travel, but it’s typically not the first on my priority list.

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We’ve all been there…

Traveling is the definition of being force to be lethargic.  When we travel, we are crammed in narrow/uncomfortable seats on an airplane or stuck behind the wheel of a car.  We are forced in a static position that smashes our asses flat like pancakes and reeks havoc on our hips, lower backs and necks.  Maintaining this sitting posture can deeply effective our overall posture which is not a good things.

We develop knots, muscles firing out of whack or not firing at all, stiff and immobile joints along with a decrease in our overall energy levels.  Sitting makes the best of us lethargic.  It sucks.

Personally, when I arrive to hotel, I typically snap out of it and realize that I am not tired or groggy, but I am desensitized from lack of movement for hours on end.

The traveling businessman or businesswoman understands this feeling, I have no doubt.

Sometimes we just want to hop on the treadmill (yes I said the treadmill) and log a few miles with the headphones in, do some squats, push ups, pull ups, presses and unwind the damage caused from long days of travel.  It feels good to open up the lungs and get a good sweat in after being confined in the jail that we refer to as airports.

One of the reasons that I push so hard for people to purchase suspension trainers is because a suspension trainer allows you to take your strength training anywhere.  The resistance based moves that you’re able to perform with a suspension trainer might be sub-maximal and far from the weight that you’re capable of lifting, but at the very least you can execute one hell of a workout that will get your blood pumping, aid in maintaining strength and offset the detrimental effects that traveling posture can have.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 6.59.04 AM

Just hook your trainer to your door and get after it.  It’s that simple.

Fire up your iPhone with Pandora, Spotify or music from your iTunes library and you’ve brought your home gym with you.

If you’ve got room, you can add a jump rope and a timer of some kind and now you’ve just set up a quality gym… all from the comfort of your hotel room.

The portability (is this a word?) of suspension trainers and jump ropes is a major turn on for active folks.  It’s fitness without bulk.

You can pack a suspension trainer, jump rope and timer in a bag not much larger than a quart sized zip loc.  Seriously.  These items pack like a charm and really provide the most benefit in situations where the equipment is not ideal.  I rarely travel without packing my suspension trainer and jump rope.  Even if I don’t end up using it, I know that it is in my bag if I need it.  That’s a good feeling for someone who places priority on staying active no matter what.  If it’s important, you should do it every single day.

You can’t put a price on that… well actually you can… because a suspension trainer is about $99 and a quality jump rope shouldn’t cost more than about $10-15 reasonably.

So for less than $115, you can have a fully functioning gym that you can take anywhere in the world and get a kick ass training session in.

Bad ass I’d say.

I have worked out in hotel rooms more times that I can count.  While it may be unpopular with your roommates and neighbors, I can honestly say that I have never regretted getting a workout in while on the road… and that just might be the point.  Rarely do people ever regret how they feel after getting a simple and effective training session in.  Can you remember the last time that you regretted getting a sweat and opening up the lungs? Probably not, we almost always feel better post-workout.

Be willing to adapt.  Training at home, everything is ideal.  You have what you need tool-wise and you’re neatly situated in your comfort zone.  On the road, it is almost always the opposite.  Space is tight, equipment is foreign and motivation is lacking.  It’s important to be able to adapt to your environment.  Your body will seriously thank you for making the effort.  The proof of your efforts will be visible to onlookers, I guarantee it.

The Wrap Up…

So if you’re a hotel (or hotel chain) that has taken the time to supply a fitness room that has properly functioning equipment… thank you.

Sincerely, thank you.

We travelers aren’t asking for much.  Just a simple space to take care of our bodies physically.  We enjoy being active, and just because we are away from home, doesn’t mean that we don’t give a shit about our health.  Sure, it might be a vacation and we are staying in your hotel to relax and have fun, but please realize that an increasing number of us really do want to stay active whole host of reasons that differ from person to person.

It’s become a part of our lifestyles, fully integrated into our lives just like showering or eating breakfast.

Hotels, thank you for recognizing this.  And if not, thank you for making the hotel door solid enough, and the lock with such quality that we are able to hang our suspension trainers from them and really get after it when you forget to include fitness rooms on your premises.  We appreciate that too…

Sorry for ruining your doors.

Cheers to keeping up with your movement while on the traveling…



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