Stop Dragging that Horse Around, Bury It.

Brain Training

burying the horse

No horses were harmed in the creation of this post…

The mind controls the body.

The more that I read strength and conditioning, physiology, physical therapy related books like Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes (who the hell reads stuff like that for fun?), anatomy, blah blah blah…

The more I realize that this material is all pretty similar.  It hasn’t changed much, and most of the information is just a new angle on an old topic.  Not that taking that approach is bad thing, because anything that gets you to think differently about your habits is definitely worth a read, whether you choose to adopt that new way of thinking or not.  It’s important to explore all angles before deciding on what you believe personally (at least that’s my opinion).

However, reading all of these fitness/movement related books has made me realize that I might be missing something, which is the mind’s powerful control over the body.

I have come to realize that fit people or those people who have decided to commit to a life of health think differently than those folks who don’t care so much.  It’s a mindset.

Personal development is another major interest of mine.  I’ve spent much of the last few years trying to figure out what drives my own thought processes and habits in an effort to break through to higher levels of my own success.  I am not talking about money here.  I am taking about developing every aspect of my life.

  • Relationships
  • Interests and passions (achievement drive)
  • Stress
  • Financial
  • Physical development

I had been thinking about my need to improve upon the  bulleted points (above) for quite some time, so I started to seek out coaches and methods to help me in my quest.  I stumbled upon a hierarchy that absolutely hit the nail on the head…

Personal development

Photo credit:  Tony Robbins

I used to think that personal development gurus like Tony Robbins were real clowns… then I grew up and realized that they know their shit.  They live what they speak on, and their results transform people’s lives.  Live and learn Kyle.

Personally, I discovered that I had hit barriers in my effort to move to the next level in all seven categories (above), and it largely because I was dragging numerous “horses” around.  The barriers were all mental restrictions.

mental thoughts control us

My aspirations of what I wanted be in the future were being clouded by the thoughts circling inside of my own head in the present.  Like dead weight, I was limiting my ability to think creatively, see opportunity and therefore achieve.  It’s frustrating to think that we can hold ourselves back from achieving greatness simply by generating poor thoughts about ourselves.  It’s crazy actually.  So many naturally talented people fall victim to this kind of thinking for an entire lifetime.

The mind is more powerful than you can ever imagine, and it most likely the main reason that your body isn’t where you want it to be.

With that being said, this blog is heavily centered around building a physical lifestyle that can complement all other areas of your life.  If you look at Tony Robbins theories on achieving mastery, developing the physical body is #1 on the depth chart.

Think about that.  How you perceive yourself physically speaking, and how you think about others perceiving you physically can impact all six of the other areas of personal growth.  Much of this perception is either a drain or a boost to your self-confidence and posture that you carry around daily.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 12.47.05 PM

Hair not included.

You don’t need six-pack abs to have confidence in your appearance.  In fact, six-pack abs are overrated.  Let the Jerry’s down at the Jersey Shore  enjoy their baby-oiled bodies and six packs.

Start your journey by burying the horses that you continue to drag around.  Whatever those horses are.  Bury them.  Put them behind you and head for greener pastures.

In the past, I thought that talk like this was dumb.  “I didn’t need it”, I told myself.  Boy was I wrong.

Thankfully I snapped out of that cocky attitude and realized that burying the past is the first action step to achieving anything you can dream up for the future.

For example, if you’ve been struggling with sticking to a healthful recipe of exercise and eating nutritious food, you should take a look at your social circle.  What are they doing?  Are they exercising and eating well?

You become like the people who you hang with the most.  Behavior is contagious.  It’s been a concept that has been written about extensively, so this is not made up B.S.

—>  Read an article from the New York Times here:  Are Your Friends Making You Fat? 

If your social circle eats like crap and is proud of it, you’re likely to follow suit.

If your social circle spends most waking hours in the recliner watching reality shows, you’re like to do the same.

If your social hates like and constantly plays the “victim card”, you’ll throw that card out at the first road bump you come across.

the human domino

Get out of this line.

Don’t become the human domino… have the courage to break the cycle and step out of line.  You’ll find that it is extremely uncomfortable and you may want to quit at times, but I am constantly reminded that nothing amazing in life (that is worth doing) is ever easy or free of growing pains.

It’s the beautiful struggle.

Go for it.  Less talk, more walk.  All of the tools are right there in front of you, pick them up and use them.

I will do the same and let’s see where it gets us, I bet we will all be thrilled with our end result.

Cheers to  breaking the bad and breathing in the good…


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