Life Should Be Lived: Steve Jobs Shares 3 Life Lessons We All Need to Hear… Again

Quick Tips

I am  an advocate of the waging war against autopilot living.

You know, the little thoughts that circle around inside of our head that tell us that we are somehow pre-disposed to having what we have and experiencing what we experience.

That we will never be anything more than average at best.

Forget that.  Shoot for the moon.

Humans are the most powerful creatures on the planet because we have the ability to re-route the road map of our live, and we can do this at any age, as long as we consciously comprehend that we have the power to do so.

Here are 3 extremely powerful (yet simple) videos from one of the greatest visionaries this planet has ever seen: Steve Jobs.


1)  Steve Jobs:  Secrets of Life

2)  Steve Jobs:  Failure

3)  Steve Jobs:  Passion for Life’s Pursuits

It’s an incredible thought we can re-program our minds and move in an entirely different direction from where we are now.

Life’s rough sometimes, there is no denying that, but it’s also way too short to spend any time being miserable.

Life is a game to be played, so get your ass off the bench and get yourself in the game.

Cheers to squeezing just a little more out of life!



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