The Matthew McConaughey Workout Plan

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I will never forget the day that I picked up a Men’s Health magazine in college and read an article about Matthew McConaughey’s workouts.

Like many young males, I was fascinated by what Men’s Health was writing about health.  I spent a decent chunk of cash (which I had very little of) to keep my subscription, buying training manuals and such

I don’t remember what the guy does to stay in shape, but it is pretty obvious:

  • He eats clean.
  • He moves frequently.

You might be disappointed by my repetitive preaching of eating clean and moving smart, but it’s the only real formula that you need to reverse years of body pollution.

It’s a bullet proof technique for restoring your body.

In the Men’s Health article, I remember Matthew McConaughey commenting on his training regimen by saying…

The Matthew McConaughey Workout

The print is tiny, so in case you can’t quite make out what the quote is, I will help you.  It says:

Get a sweat everyday

What a great training plan!

After I read that quote, I distinctly remember being pissed.

I thought for sure- as many guys probably did- that he was going to disclose some sweet top secret workout regimen.

I was convinced that he was doing something special that the rest of us were aware of.  There had to be something else going on there.

You probably have had that feeling before, right?  The feeling where you are convinced that someone- who has achieved something that you also want to achieve-knows some kind of voodoo magic that you flat out don’t know anything about.  And because of the fact that they have harnessed the power of this voodoo magic, they’ve got an edge over everyone else on the planet.  You, in turn, want to know what this voodoo magic is so that you yourself can experience the kinds of results that they have.

Then you you realize that none of this is true.  A lean person’s (famous or not) recipe for success is the same as nearly every other successful person on the planet… they created good habits, worked relentlessly, learned along the way and rinsed and repeated that process.  They figured out that they have to do un-aveerage things to achieve un-average results.

I have to admit that I was brutally disappointed with the Matthew McConaughey “sweat theory”.  Again, pissed, might be a much better description.

Genetically, he is blessed to stay as lean as he does, but he also makes a dedicated effort to give his body decent food and he sweats!  So his body aesthetics are by chance.  He worked for it and now he performs a simple maintenance whenever he gets the opportunity.

Everyday, he sweats.

This has actually stuck with me ever since I read that article, and I am glad that it did.

I get a sweat every single day.  Even after a night of socializing with friends (and a boatload of craft beers) it is mandatory to sweat the next day.  It’s a simple theory that I took action on long enough to make it a lifelong habit.

Voodoo fitness

It’s so easy to fall into the “there has to be something out there that I am not doing that would make all of the difference in the world” trap.  So easy.  We trick ourselves into thinking this sort of thing.  We then begin to search and search and search for the “secrets”.  We try different diets, different personal trainers, different gyms, shoes, training equipment, workout plans, etc.  When it’s all said and done, a lot of people have blown mountains of money on “secrets”.  It’s enough to drive a person crazy, and I have met a lot of people that are slowly driving themselves insane looking for these secrets.

But the recipe is simple:  eat clean and move enough to sweat.

Take that and do it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

It will blow your mind what a recipe like that will do for you over the long-term.

Cheers to Matthew McConaughey and the daily sweat!



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