The Coach Hacker Files: Are You Ready to Get Massively “De-Stabilized”?

Quick Tips

Coach Hacker can train with anyone.  Arnold ain’t nothin but a peanut compared to the the twisted steel and sex appeal of The Hack.

In fact, as I understand, The Hack had turned down multiple endorsement deals and a free pass into the Mr. Olympia competition way back in the day.  He opted to remain out of Arnold’s “Pumping Iron” documentary.  Unreal this guy.

That is the definition of not selling out and staying true to the game.  Something we can all learn from.

Today’s latest installment of “The Coach Hacker Files” is about one thing, and one thing only…

Getting De-Stabilized.  

Coach Hacker Vs. Chuck Norris

Coach Hacker smoked Chuck Norris.

You’ve never trained a day in your life if you haven’t been de-stabilized.  In fact, de-stabilization is such a top secret method that you won’t find it in any strength and conditioning book, magazine or dvd.  This is Area 51 type shit.

Coach Hacker Area 51 Top Secret

Coach Hacker spear headed alien dissections from the Roswell incident.

Up until this point, we were all on a “need to know basis”… and we didn’t need to know.

Until now.

Because as of right now, de-stabilization is hitting the mainstream at break neck speed, and I am going to join forces with Coach Hacker in promoting to all of the land.  People are going to really benefit from this methodology.

Are you ready to get De-Stabilized? (Yes it deserves capital letters)

Grab some popcorn and absorb the knowledge…

There are a couple of pieces of information that I gathered from this video that I think we should all take note of.

First, before you ever even think about initiating your first crunch, you have got to find the “sweet spot”.

Coach Hacker BOSU Crunch Sweet Spot

The lower lumbar is the sweetest of “sweet spots” for Coach Hacker.

Second, get your voice nice and growly after hitting that sweet spot.  It will help off-set the insane amount of de-stabilizing that is about to take place.

Coach Hacker Crunch Technique

Don’t you dare go full range of motion!  Half-ees only.

Third, do half reps.  Much like my last edition of The Coach Hacker Files where he drops a knowledge bomb on us with kettlebells, you’re going to want stay fresh through the set.  Going full range of motion will fatigue you out way too early.  Remember, you’re training Hacker-style now, so the rep range is going to be in the “10-15 rep range”.

Coach Hacker Massive De-stabilization

Can you feel the massive de-stabilization?  Oooooh baby!  We like that!

Fourth, “massive de-stabilization” doesn’t happen until about the 4th or 5th rep.  We like that, don’t we?  The answer is yes, we do like that.  Don’t you even think about saying you don’t like it.  You’ll like it and you’ll have more of it.  Mmmmmm yea, now you like it.  But don’t like it so much that you breach the 10-15 rep range or lose your “sweet spot”.

Coach Hacker Intensity

Grrrrrrrrrrrr BOSU Madness!  

Fifth, Coach Hacker was able to sustain his intensity from the kettlebell clean+ press video into the BOSU crunch video clip.  Incredible.  Do you realize what kind of dedication and training that takes?

Coach Hacker Pointing and Meaning It

The last image that Chuck Norris had…

I cannot even begin to explain what kind of an impact de-stabilizing is going to have on my clients, friends, family and athletes.  My group of ladies that I train in the Summer here in beautiful Eau Claire, WI are going to be de-stabilizing all over Carson Park, at the Livery Pub, heck even when shopping in the mall.

Why not de-stabilize while trying on some stilettos or summer skirts?  It’s the perfect time, and you cannot afford to miss an opportunity to de-stabilize yourself.  It’s that great.  Who cares what the salesman thinks?  He’s not in the “know” with this stuff.  Shame on him.

You can de-stabilize anywhere and anytime.  What does TRX have on de-stabilizing?

The quick and correct answer is NOTHING.

De-stabilizing doesn’t require equipment and doesn’t care what kind of environment you’re in.

Coach Hacker does an impeccable job in the video- as he always does in all of his videos- of not just verbally describing the proper technique of the de-stabilizing BOSU crunch, but also showing it visually.  Effecive verbal cues are one thing, but when you mix in a solid visual… That makes for a complete learning experience.

That’s what we need to learn these advance workout techniques.

No stones are ever left un-turned with Coach Hacker, and this video is a prime example of that.  He’s not the kind of guy that would keep things from us.  He’s as transparent as they come.  No secretism with Coach Hacker, because he knows that’s not how we will learn to refine our own technique.

Ok, so I’ve got two videos recapped and 15 more to go.  It’s been pleasure bringing Coach Hacker to the world.  I know that we can get him some endorsement deals.  I am already have set in motion a Coach Hacker street team on social media.

Stay tuned, it only gets better.

Cheers to BOSU Madness and getting Massively De-Stabilized!



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