Simplicity: What If you Just Tried to Improve? At Something? Anything?

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It’s a simple question really… 

What if you just tried to improve?

What if you shut off all of the mental barriers that you use as excuses every single day as a crutch to not push forward in your life?  

What if… you just put your head down and aimed for improvement of some kind at some level of intensit

ImageNike got it right from the get go.

Because of the general theme of this blog, of course I am going to be mostly referring the improvement of your movement and eating habits. 

But what about your career?  What about your ability to say hi and smile at people? What about your effort to make friends? Be a better husband, wife, father, mother, son or daughter?  

What about all of those things?

What if you just stopped over-analyzing everything and compulsively planning your approach to your action plan, and you just… did it? (see massive Nike picture above for reinforcement)

I was talking with a good friend tonight who is also physical therapist, and we got to talking about geeky things like squatting.  Ha, squatting.  

We both agreed that a person’s ability to perform a simple body-weight squat is probably the most important example of healthy and free flowing movement.  We spend so much time on our feet, standing in a vertical posture… moving from a low to a high position then back down to a low position, it’s actually crazy to think about how often this happens throughout a day, week or year.  (How about that for a run on sentence!)


Maintain your ability to squat deep.

It’s no wonder have an epidemic of lower back injuries.  



Low back pain sucks.


Everyone knows someone that has had a lumbar strain.  Everyone.  

The second part of our conversation shifted to some of the questions that I randomly receive throughout a given week about working out:

– Kyle, what exercises are best for weight loss?

– Kyle, how many reps are ideal for an exercise?

– Kyle, how many times per week should I be working out to maximize my fat loss?


I love the questions, because for a split second it makes me believe that the person that I am talking with is actually interested in pursuing improvement in their health habits.  

Over time, experience has proven that most of the answers I give to those questions end up sliding into one ear and then right out the other ear.  Nothing sticks.  Rarely does it stick.  

But honestly, what if you just picked one thing and you relentlessly worked to improve at it?

What doors would open?  Where would you find yourself that you once thought impossible?


Take something like building fitness or eating habits for example:

–  Try eating only earth grown foods and animal meat for 7 days.

–  Add 3-5 reps to all of your exercises (squats, push ups, kettlebell swings, inverted rows, etc)

–  Run .5 mile farther than your last run.

–  Shave a minute off of your last mile of your last run. 

–  Drink two full glasses of cold ass water when upon waking.

Do something.  Anything.  You’ll be better for it.  It will build character, and despite what you consciously are aware of, it will inspire others who see you taking action.  It’s a domino effect, and quite honestly, taking time to improve yourself is taking time to initiate positive change in other people also.  Be a leader.  People want to be around leaders because it’s infectious.  

I really don’t know where or when it happens, but at some point in life, a lot of us tend to lose our motivational drive.  Our desire to improve diminishes to all time lows and we settle in to our current situation.  We render ourselves unable to do any better than we are right now.

It’s negative self-talk bullshit and it’s called complacency.

Complacency is a word that my Dad dropped on me when I was 24 years old, making a three month pit stop in between jobs in Detroit and my next career.  I had offers from an employer for a great gig and was in waiting to hear back one way or another.  I was half-assing everything outside of that one offer.  I was stuck in rut and it had only been about 90 days of living at home.  

One night right before heading up for bed, my Dad dropped the bomb on me, “Kyle, you’re getting complacent”.

I’ll never forget it.  It sucked more than anything to hear him say that, but shit, it is exactly what needed to be said at the time.  It sparked forward motion in my life.  It sparked my pursuit of improving my situation.  

So I ask you again… What could you improve about yourself right now?  

You can wipe your slate clean and start fresh, so what are you willing to give to make change?  Don’t be afraid of change.  Change can be great.  But you have to give some effort to make sure that change is great.  

On this blog, my goal is to spark a shift in how you think about working out.  Smarter movement that is focused on accelerating your training efforts.  I want to get you to think and re-think your gym habits and what’s possible for you to achieve.  

Shit, anything is possible, but you have to believe that.  And there is a major difference between just “thinking” that and believing that.  Understand this.


So I will close out to enjoy my craft beer (New Belgium- Rampant by the way) by asking you again…

What are you going to do about it?  

Sit and feel sorry for yourself?  That’s lame.  The easy way out.  

Take some action, build some character and set sail to improving something about your life… 


Cheers to the average person realizing their ability to achieve greatness…



(On deck… Coach Hacker)


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