The Coach Hacker Files: It’s Time to Go “Ballistic” on Kettlebell Cleans + Presses

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I’ve got to lighten up on this blog.  The tone has been stuffy lately.  I want to distribute applicable information that is bullshit-free, but I also want to keep things light.

After all, it’s just a workout.

However, I would like to start an intermittent series on a gentleman that I was recently introduced to via my friends at Edge Fitness in Sun Prairie, WI.

I use Facebook extensively to keep up with my friends and family, and I typically make one or two scrolls down the news feed every day just to make sure that I know what all of my friends are up to.  So what? I like to creep!  So does everyone else who has Facebook!  Don’t you dare judge me.  It takes a man to admit something like that.  I feel better now.

Anyways, I came across a Facebook posting by Edge Fitness that had a video attached to it.  I watched and nearly wet myself.  The guy in the video is superstar.  I plan on blowing this guy up for the world to see.  He’s that good.  The best part is that he doesn’t even know that he is that good.

Ladies and gentleman… I present to you… the one… the only…

Coach Hacker

Coach Hacker

I believe the right thing to do here is waste no time and transition straight to the video (one of the many videos) that sparked my interest in this guy.  You’ll see in the video that he’s a real modern-day warrior.

Take a quick look at this guy in action…

Blowing up the kettlebell clean + press

As you know by now, I am a fan of kettlebell training.  Kettlebells and suspension trainers are by far the best pieces of equipment to outfit a home gym with.  However, apparently Coach Hacker is a die-hard kettlebell fan also, so we share that in common.  I am also a big fan of multi-segmented moves.  Exercises like Turkish Get-Ups, Clean+Press, Squat to Press, etc.  Again, apparently so is Coach Hacker.

I think that our technique is may be slightly different, but that could just be who we trained under, what books we read and the conferences that we attend.  Different strokes for different folks.

I also see that he is from the Northeast (Oregon).  This could be another reason for the difference in our training styles.  I am from the Midwest, (aka: Paradise) (aka:  “God’s Country”) Eau Claire, WI.  I see this as a point that could be influential in each of our training styles and philosophies.

I have to admit, once I played the video, I felt like I had met the guy before.  He looks like that “someone” from “somewhere”, you know?  “What’s his face” from the next town over.

Then it all came together.  The light bulb went off.

He’s a hybrid…

Coach Hacker Hybrid Picture

 Micheal Douglas—>  Coach Hacker —>  David Hasselhoff

Coach Hacker’s resemblance to these other two superstars is uncanny.  Micheal Douglas mated with David Hasselhoff which gave birth to Coach Hacker.  Based on Hasselhoff’s physique in that photo, I suspect that Coach Hacker was the on-set personal trainer for BayWatch also.  Good for him.  Job well done.

Now, before you think that I am ripping too hard on this guy, please know this.  He’s got about 100x the views on his kettlebell YouTube video than I do on my own kettlebell clean + press video clip (seen below)…

It’s just not enough apparently…

So, I am thinking that maybe I should reach out and make contact with Coach Hacker and figure out how to market myself better.  His display of raw strength and intensity throughout the video clip is something to be marveled at and also something that my video clip lacks big time.

The Intensity of Coach Hacker


I also noticed that he has great commentary.  My video is more like a mime performing kettlebell drills.  I could definitely work on this.

Technique-wise, “The Hack” is also really going for it.  I mean, he ramps it up from rep #1 into rep #3-#5.  No doubt about that.  Me?  I am way too calm and collected.  Not enough ramp up.

Proper kettlebell clean technique

Technique is everything.  Neutral spine, arm reach, drive through the hips.

Along with technique, I also couldn’t help but notice the size of Coach Hacker’s kettlebell.  He’s the founder of Kettlebell Madness, which seems to be aimed at kettlebell enthusiasts.  Every strength and conditioning book or research study that I have ever come across says that the weight of the object being lifted needs to be heavy enough to initiate gains in strength, build muscle, etc.  Basically, the weight has to be challenging to move.

Light Kettlebells

Kettlebell, or paperweight?

Coach Hacker is a pioneer, he’s going against the grain, he’s going light.  Light weight.  I would suspect that he’s using a 8-12lb kettlebell, where as I am using a 44lb in my video clip.  Maybe he’s on to something.  Body’s a sculpted from dialing back the load.  If this is the case, we have got to re-write and re-think hundreds of physiology books.  Nobel prize for The Hack?  Wouldn’t surprise me.

So ladies and gentleman, I hope that you are buckled in for a wild ride because as long as Coach Hacker is updating his YouTube videos, I am going to be writing about them.  Be sure to check in from time to time so that you don’t miss ANYTHING related to this guy’s activities.  He’s got exactly 17 videos on his channel, and I fully plan on doing a full break down and recap of each and every one of them.  I want to miss NOTHING on this guy.

He’s a real gem… a diamond in the rough… he’s Coach Hacker.

Coach Hacker Crunch Pose

Please, help me make this guy a world sensation!

Cheers to Coach Hacker!


2 thoughts on “The Coach Hacker Files: It’s Time to Go “Ballistic” on Kettlebell Cleans + Presses

  1. Dear KG,
    I too am a HUGE fan of the Hack Attack. I’m such a big fan, that I actually want to have an action figure made in his honor. It would have a string on the back and would say catch phrases when you pulled on it. The catch phrases would be things like, “That was Hacktastic!!” or “Every set to failure!” or “Lift with the back!” or my personal favorite, “Who wants to play with my Hackysack!?”
    I’m such a big fan because I have the immense honor of knowing him personally as his coworker. As an IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher, I can only hope to someday reach his level of kettlebell expertise. What’s most impressive about him is that his expertise doesn’t end with kettlebells. He has his training so dialed in that he only has to to prescribe four of the same exercises to every one of his clients! He’s so good at checking form that he can tell his clients that their form is perfect while he is facing away from them. I’m very happy to know that there are other fans of the Hackosaur. I truly enjoyed your commentary. Thanks for paying homage to our beloved Hackinator.


    1. Nic,

      Thanks for swinging by the blog. Coach Hacker is an animal. I’ve never laughed so hard watching someone instruct technique on exercises. His grunts and groans and facial expressions are priceless. I promoted his videos throughout my network and his YouTube video views increase 10-fold. He’s right up there with Prancercise.

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