Good Calories, Bad Calories: Weight Gain or Fat Loss

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I recently read an article where a blogger that posts about his journey to overcoming struggles with food addiction, moving into a life of health and movement, had his wrist slapped for promoting nutritional advice without being a licensed professional.  So, to CMA (cover my ass) I will go ahead and let it be known that this article or any article on this blog that discusses nutritional interventions should not be implemented without consulting a professional.  This is for reading entertainment only, the choice to take action is yours. 🙂

The hard part about saying that is that a lot of nutritionists use outdated methods and refuse to move past the calories in verses calories out recommendations to treat overweight or obese patients.  This is sad, because there is obvious more going on with weight gain and fat retention than just calories.

Overweight belly

I am going to tell you right now that there are good calories and bad calories.  No doubt about it.

What about the quality of food?  The type of food we consume?  This has to count for something, doesn’t it?

Scientists are starting to blow the whistle in agreement.

Gary Taubes is an author that is leading the charge, not a scientist but worth listening to.

I have long thought that it is an ingredient issue, and since I dove into the underground nutrition world some years back, it is obvious that our health epidemic is heavily related to the quality of our food more than the quantity of our food.  Again, calories do count for something, but the source of those calories seem to be impacting bodily fat loss more than anything.

I like analogies to understand topics so let me ask you this…

—>  If you drink 300 calories of soda versus eating 300 calories of lean meat/veggies/eggs, which will have a bigger negative impact on body composition, particularly with regard fat gain?

The soda, right?

Fat gain and diet soda

It’s clearly the soda, and so many people know that it is the soda that it boggles my mind why we as consumers continue to buy products like soda, candy and pastries when we know that regaining control of our body would require choosing natural whole foods like lean meat, veggies and eggs.

Here is a decent article from Men’s Health about diet soda and fat gain.

It’s crazy to think about.  There is an incredible amount of psychology behind why we choose to eat what we do.  I know for a fact that kids are exposed to crap food through their parents and schools.

Kids will eat whatever their parents prepare, and when they are at school, they have to eat whatever the school has prepared (unless they pack a lunch that their parents have made).  I haven’t seen a healthy school lunch yet, even though I know there are pockets around the country that are promoting the transition to healthier lunches for schools.

Unhealthy school lunch

This is what my school lunch looked like as a kid, how about yours?

I was reading this morning, and I came across a link to an article discussing calories and the food industry.  The article goes on to say that the food industry is tricking us.  They have mastered the art of influencing people’s buying habit based on calories.  The promotion of low calories in processed foods leads people to believe they are making a healthy choice, when in reality they are buying highly processed food that increases the body’s likelihood of translating that food into fat.

Here is a nice snippet of the article:

calories in versus calories out

You can find the entire article here:  Debate over calories starting to erode “food pyramid’

Take a few minutes to read it, it’s worth your time.

I do agree that calories still count for something, but I also think that in order to get the pendulum to swing back away from the calories in versus calories out approach, we have to preach quality versus quantity.  Once this thought process starts to stick, we can then re-introduce mindful calorie consumption in combination with quality food consumption.

I know that I am an extremely active person and that has helped me maintain a lean body, but I haven’t given a crap about my calories consumed in a given day for well over 7 years.


Because when you diet consists of mostly plants combined with adequate protein, water, coffee and green tea, what is to be concerned about?  Eating well is the best stress reliever because you can feel confident that what you put into your mouth is giving you the best possible chance at a long and healthful life.  Aesthetic-wise, you’re giving your body the best opportunity to stay lean, which does wonders for your self-confidence.

I intended for this post to give a bird’s eye view of some of what is currently being discussed regarding what we perceive as good calories and bad calories.

One thing is certain… we’ve got an epidemic on our hands and the solution to it is simple, but how we get there seems to remain complicated.

Subtle positive changes in diet will have provide massive returns on investment, I guarantee this whole-heartedly.  It’s a decision we all have to make from individual to individual.  The food that you consume will either put you closer to your body transformation goals or lead you further from them.  Exercise alone is not enough.

What will you choose?

Cheers to sticking it to the food industry and regaining health…


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