3 Time Efficient Methods To Squeezing in a Workout While Building a Career

Quick Tips

One thing that I have learned about writing and consulting on topics related to fitness is this:  Not everyone thinks about training, eating and health as much as I do.

Not everyone cares about how great a kettlebell swing is, how bear crawling can restore function or jumping rope is 10x better for conditioning than a recumbent bike.

I think sometimes as professionals we forget that we care about fitness far more than any other people on the planet.  Hell, we made a career out of it.

One issue with training that comes up time and time again is time, or lack their off.

As I mentioned in a recent post, I completely understand the time issue.  I currently have a full-time career, write, train and am currently building an internet based fitness company/culture to help transition out of my existing career.  Time is short, just as it is for so many other career professionals.  I am in your shoes, which is why I feel so at home writing on this blog.  You and I are in the same boat.

We’ve got to find solutions to working out when time is really tight.

Here are a few ideas that can put you back on track for working out around a career…

1)  Strength-Cardio Circuits

Interval training using strength based movements are amazing for building adequate levels of strength and power while stripping fat.  These workouts leverage our body’s natural ability to continue to burn fat for hours after the training session has ended.  Strength cardio circuits, sometimes referred to as metabolic training, involve short burst efforts and minimal rest periods between movements.  You’ll want the training session to be a total body experience, alternating exercises between upper body and lower body to increase performance by avoiding fatigue. By alternating movements, you’ll be able to hit more muscles in less time without sacrificing exercise technique.

Although the amount of time designated for work and rest during a strength-cardio workout will vary depending on your fitness and skill level, you should be able to find a sweet spot for yourself.

Here is a simple table to reference:

Strength Cardio Interval Training

Choose from these simple movements…

Strength Cardio Movements

2)  Train on the weekends.

Nothing ground breaking here, but I just want you to start thinking about where you can fit in a training session.  The weekend usually provides some relief from the time commitments of the workweek, so look toward Saturday and Sunday for squeezing in a couple solid training sessions.  This will work wonders for your attitude as you enter into Monday and Tuesday.  You’ll have the confidence knowing that you put forth a solid physical effort that you can leverage for 24-48 hours.

I train on the weekends all of the time.  During this time, I feel no need to rush through the workout like I do during the week.  The training session becomes enjoyable.  Often times, I will spend a significant amount of time working on my mobility and addressing any muscles that feel overactive with knots.  It’s a time for training aggressively and regenerating my body.

Weekend Training Solutions

3)  Two Sessions Per Day

This might sound crazy, but incorporating two smaller training sessions into your day might provide some relief to your training efforts.  Rather than spend 60-90 minutes exercising once a day, try splitting the day into two smaller training sessions that last anywhere from 15-20 minutes.  The smaller window of time will keep you focused on moving forward throughout the workout and also motivate you to do more in less time.  Stoking your metabolism twice a day will work wonders.

Check out this recent post about that would help you coordinate a couple short training sessions:

—> Time Based Training

Having a career and committing to a life of physical fitness should be able to coexist with each other.  They have to.  Wealth without health is completely pointless, just as health without any wealth is stressful.  Find the balance that fits your situation, integrate the suggestions above and make an effort to not only maintain your body, but improve it.  Succeeding in career and physical performance will elevate your attitude and take your confidence to new heights.




Cheers to earning the $$$ and engineering a high functioning body in the process…


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