Are They Mental or Physical Roadblocks?

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I’ve come to realization that there are very few physical roadblocks in life, while mental roadblocks are plentiful.  

Physically, the human body is capable of enduring stress far beyond what we believe it can.  While it’s not always intelligent to put your body through extreme stress, it’s worth grasping the fact that most of us are capable of handling high levels of physical exertion if need be.

When a person really takes a step back from fitness related endeavor, regaining control of eating habits, career adversity, or whatever it is weighs heavy on their mind, you realize that it is exactly that.  It’s all in your mind.  The mind is so powerful that it can hold us back from becoming the people that we dream to be.  

We become what we think about most.

That’s a scary thought, but it seems to be true far more often than not.  I’ve been a victim of my own thoughts, just as I suspect that many of you have.  It’s a tough thing to admit, especially since the only thing holding you back from greatness is, well, you.  Crazy.

Re-programming the mind to operate in such a way that is in line with your dreams and aspirations seems to be the key to the universe.  

In my own life…

… maybe I have mentioned this prior on this blog, I cannot recall, but I am an extremely emotionally driven person.  I wear my heart on my sleeve.  It’s my belief that the people who know me both love and become annoyed with me because of this.  I cannot help it.  It’s part of who I am.  My poor girlfriend gets the pleasure of dealing with it daily.  Muah!

For a while I thought that I could toughen up, work through my emotions, maybe become slightly more desensitized to handling certain situations with such emotion.  Maybe have a little more brutal honesty toward people, etc.  I can’t (PS:  I HATE the phrase “I can’t”, but it works for this situation).  It seems like honesty- not the kind where you have the choice of telling truth or lying, but the kind where you speak your mind- is practiced less and less in the real world.  We sugar coat everything.  

While I think that I have become a much more direct and effective communicator, I’ll always carry big emotions.  I used to think that it would be my downfall in life, but I have since learned that it doesn’t have to be that way.  I can choose whatever path I desire, I can harness my emotions.  It will be important to continue to do so as I find my ultimate calling in life.  

This blog and business is definitely one of them. I feel that my emotions will act as my source of fuel as I scratch and claw to the top.  

Well, that’s me, how about you?

What’s holding you back?  Is it your head?  Your daily self-talk?  Your self-confidence in your abilities to accomplish something great? 

I figured that some of you could relate well to the contents of this post.  The mental barriers in life hold us all back from greatness, all of the time.  We battle against them constantly.  Daily in fact, whether you know it or not.  Some of us know don’t think big enough, and some of us know what we want to achieve/accomplish in life but are being held back by the thoughts inside of our head.  

Simple as that.

Some of us will submit, transition into autopilot living and fade away.  This is a tragedy.  Others will find the inner strength to continue pushing back against the negative self-talk.  These folks will continue to work to re-program their mind to think massively big.  These are people that I personally want to be around.

If you’re in the market for a newly remodeled body, these are people that you need to be around during your own journey.  Never mind physical abilities, get with someone that is headstrong and driven.  It’s contagious.  

Some of you may think this kind of talk is cheesy.  Maybe so.  Or maybe you’ve just got it all figured out, in which case I will invite you to share your secrets with the rest of us.  

I personally want to be in the second group.  The one that thinks and dreams about the impossible, then works to make it possible.  My time on earth is short in the grand scheme of things.    

I often hear older generations say, “Do __________ (fill in blank) now while you’re young, because you won’t have time or have the physical capacity to do it later”.  

This is a complete tragedy for me to think about.  People giving up that is.  I hope that you feel the same way.  It’s never too late.  It can’t be.  Life was meant to be lived aggressively, surrounded by people who you love and enjoy spending time with.  We should all be working to accomplish something that you genuinely enjoy, whatever that “something” may be, that will create our own legacy.

When I say legacy, I’m not necessarily talking about money here.  Money is commonly the only thing people associate with success, but it doesn’t define success.  Be successful with something that is important to you and you truly love, whatever that may be.

If you landed on this blog and are considering joining me in moving closer to a body that looks and functions the way that you know that it can, wonderful.  I can help you with that, bit by bit we will move forward together.  Think what you want about fitness and nutrition, but everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin.  Your body is your vehicle throughout this life, you should feel confident about how it looks and feels.  

If you landed here by chance, great, maybe I can give you something to spark a thought that you hadn’t considered before.  I really value reading content that makes me think.  There is always another viewpoint to consider, whether I agree with it or not.

If you’re anything like me, whenever you start to feel yourself thinking negatively or “small”, fight back.  Put yourself back into a positive state.  Never submit to yourself.  It’s a horrible feeling knowing that because you lost the battle mentally, you now have to lose the battle physically. 

Keep pushing forward as hard as you possibly can and I will do the same.  

Maybe someday our paths will cross and we can share our stories at the peak of the mountain.  



Cheers to destroying negativity and creating something great…





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