Saturday Morning Workouts Work Fairly Well I’d Say…

Quick Tips

Weekend workouts are the best.

For most people, the weekend provides two free days for solid training sessions.

If you are someone that has used the excuse of “not having enough time” in the past, the weekend workout is the cure.  Take advantage of the time that you have on the weekend.  Weekend training session take the pressure off of the week day schedule.  Leverage that.

Here is a snapshot from my bodyweight training manual.  It assumes the training plan will incorporate two strength-cardio based sessions and two interval based workouts per week…


I always encourage working through your workout as efficiently as possible.  Don’t waste time.  Don’t talk to other people in the gym, don’t watch TV, don’t spend any amount of time checking yourself out in the mirror, just work.  Besides the time drain, keeping yourself moving regardless of distractions makes the workout do what it is supposed to do.  If you’re training for accelerating fat loss, keeping a good training pace will create a much more profound after burn training effect.

Work. Out.  

The key word is work.

Saturday morning workouts provide a time for me to finally take my time through a workout.  Now, taking my time doesn’t mean that I spend 90 minutes downstairs messing around (unless I am filming movements).  

My average training session with all components completed will last roughly 30-45 minutes.  As I have mentioned in the past, much of that time is spent addressing qualities other than the actual strength, power, cardio aspects of the workout itself.

I value my movement abilities.  I want to be able to move pain free for years to come.  Foam rolling, mobility work, activating weak areas, skill work, jumping rope are all part of the training plan, and often get more attention than the actual tough portion of the workout.  

Weekend training sessions are typically a little bit more aggressive.  Because of the time that I have on the weekend, I warm up extensively prior to putting the hurt on myself.

In fact, today’s Saturday morning workout will look something like this:

—>  Workset #1 is 10 minutes of:

1a)  Ballistic hip hinge

1b)  Upper body press

1c)  Full Body movement

—> Rest 2-3 minutes, hydrate, set up for:

—> Workset #2 is 10 minutes of:

2a)  Uni-Laterally loaded squat

2b)  Upper body pull

2c)  Airdyne Ride for time (20-30sec)



This is pure work capacity, not rocket science.  Who the hell knows who invented this type of training, god knows that I didn’t.  What we do know is that stringing together sub-maximally loaded multi-joint movements combined with incomplete rest periods is highly metabolic and will get a person lean quickly.  Most of all, the exercises listed in the workout above are safe to my movement abilities. 

Notice I said “my movement abilities”, not my neighbor’s, my friend’s or the ex-navy seal on the YouTube video.  Mine.  Absorb that principle, apply it to your own training.

Do your best not to confuse this type of workout with any modern day branding.  This is not representative of “that”, although many might not see the difference.  I have ramped up for years to get to this point, and it didn’t happen over night.  Much attention is paid to the quality of my movement, breathing, etc.  The little things.  It’s not pedal to the metal all of the time.

That is a recipe for disaster.  You have to know when to back off.  


Cheers to making up for 3 days of no posting in 2 hours!




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