People Want Butts I Guess: YouTube Glute Ham Raises

Quick Tips

I had to post about this.

I won’t waste anytime leading into it…

I have a YouTube video that I posted in 2008 that has exactly 65,615 views.


It makes me laugh every single time I stumble upon it looking for my new videos that I shoot for visual blogging purposes.  As you know, my videos are raw.  I am not trying to win an award for cinematography at Sun Dance, I just want to create a visual for whatever I am writing about.

Here ya go…

I originally shot this video clip with my wonderful Mother womaning the camera.  The video was sent to a hockey friend of mine that was struggling strengthening his backside.  The glute-ham raise is a great accessory lift that will activate the backside like none other.

In the video, I make two visible mistakes.

1)  The bench press is about to fly off the wall.  I should have loaded up the bar to weight it down.

2)  My backside was torched by the time I got to shooting this video.  The eccentric, also known as the lowering phase of the lift, happened way to fast.  More time under tension her would be ideal.  It’s all relative to your backside strength.

As much as I want to put out informal information to all of you… I am also human.  We all are.  I can sit here and critique myself all day long.  No one will be harder on me than myself, which is both a blessing for me and a curse.

One thing that cracks me up is that of all of the videos that I post (and I have a number of YouTube channels), the “Glute Ham Raise” gets all of the attention!  haha.  Good gravy.

If there are any technological wizards out there, feel free to teach me how to generate more buzz from YouTube.  If YouTube buzz is largely associated with quantity of videos posted, I will gladly out work anyone to accomplish this.

I will revisit this post sometime down the road and we will see where the view numbers are at.  I won’t compete with “Gangnam Style”, but hey, not bad for an accident.

Cheers to tenderizing the glute-ham region…


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