Worry Free Eating Equals Plenty of Fat Loss

Quick Tips

What is “worry free” eating?  How can you lose fat with “worry free” eating?

How about I show what worry free eating is…

Fat loss avalanche.


This picture was taken my local grocery store here in tragically awesome Eau Claire, WI at the end of this past Summer.  Every vegetable was in full bloom, probably the best that it will taste until the warmer months return.  

You can take the safety off of your eating pistol if you’re eating what you see in this picture.  

Fat loss.  Fat loss is moving a bit more than you do right now (compound that daily/weekly/monthly) and eating quality food.  There are more serious forms of fat loss that will move the process along much quicker, but in it’s simplest form, you’ll shed pounds and strip some fat by doing the aforementioned.  

The picture represents the quality part of that fat loss equation.  Consume the hell out of those foods that you see in the picture.  Eat a rainbow of variety while you’re at it.  There is a vegetable or a plant in that picture for everyone, you just have to be willing to take the opportunity to grab it, put it in your cart, haul it home… Google a recipe to make it taste delicious.  Ideally, you’d Google that recipe before you head out for the shopping trip, but hey… whatever floats your boat.

Just to re-iterate… these are your action steps:

1)  Grab and bag.

2)  Haul and pay.

3)  Return home and prep.

4)  Cook and eat.

This really is another billion dollar idea that I should patent to help out with our current health crisis.  🙂

Worry free eating I tell you.  One less stress in life, it’s fantastic.

Join the movement, invest in yourself as you do your house, car and wardrobe.


Cheers to eating plants (sprinkled with some protein of course)…




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