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So I took a leave of absence from writing on the blog for a little while, but it doesn’t mean that I was sitting on my ass the entire time.  I have been trying to find my way through this whole “writing a book” process.  

I have found two things:

1)  I have enough thoughts to write 10-15 books.

2)  All of those thoughts swirl and end up paralyzing my efforts quite often.


It’s funny how my brain works.  I am finding that the thoughts don’t flow fast enough that I can talk into a tape recorder or use talk-to-type technology, but yet when I type (and I do consider myself a decent typer) my fingers can’t keep up with my brain and I get distracted by the next thought.  It’s a constant battle.

I seem to be caught in the middle somewhere.  

Luckily, I never write alone…




I was peeling through some old emails this morning and came across an email that was originally sent by the marketing gal over at LifeLine Fitness.  If you are unfamiliar with LifeLine, I would highly encourage you to check out their product lines.  Most of it is geared toward individuals that want to break free from commercial gyms, move into bodyweight style training, or are looking for a more portable way to stay fit.  

All of their products I stand behind, including their line of stretchy bands (resistance bands if you will).

I have to admit, I still struggle with the use of resistance bands.  I just think that it is such a mistake to base an entire program around bands.  I have never been a fan I don’t think.

The resistance is not consistent throughout the range of motion, which basically makes an exercise easy from the start position and gradually more difficult as the joints reach full extension.  

I could see why a more advanced trainee would like bands, especially if you were trying to improve your lockouts on movements like squats, push ups or deadlifts, but using bands as a replacement to more traditional tools like dumbbells or barbells seems inferior still.

Again, maybe there is something I am missing here.  




Last Sunday night I suffered what is my 5th diagnosed concussion of my life.  I say “diagnosed” because anyone that plays or has played a contact sport of any kind know that getting your bell rung is common and often unannounced to medical professionals after it happens.  I think that science and testimonials from recent years shows that hiding concussion-like symptoms is a major mistake.  

Anyways, I am about 5 days out from my Sunday night head impact and my head still feels cloudy.  It is hard to explain really.  I don’t want people to know that I smashed my head because it inevitably will lead a long lecture on taking care of yourself, which at this point, I cannot take any more of.  It’s also extremely frustrating because my cognitive processes are slowed.  Not painstakingly slow, but I just don’t feel as sharp as I did pre-impact.  

I know that this dissipates over time.  Head trauma is a little more fragile than other parts of the body, but it still requires a decent amount of rest and recovery.  Limiting TV, bright lights, ahhemm… computers (shit), and anything that makes the eyes twitch or taxes the brain.  Exercise or exertion of any kind is out of the question.  I know this very well from my collegiate hockey playing days. 

When I was in college, I really brushed off concussions like they were nothing.  Now I a much deeper respect for the healing process.  It’s my goddamn brain I am dealing with.  I only get one, and if I mess it up, I am screwed.  It really puts things into perspective when you think about it for a minute.  

All in all, my projects are moving in the right direction.  I will definitely be adding more blog posts in the coming days, weeks and months.  Blogging is such a great release and provides time to put out information in an uncensored fashion, which I love.


Cheers to a great weekend… Keep moving…



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