Is a Rep Just a Rep?

Brain Training

The small details in life are often what seem to separate poor from average, average from good, and good from great.

So when I get the question of whether it is ok to miss/skip a rep in a work set, I have changed my tune quite a bit over the years.  On the surface, one might say, “Who gives a shit, it just a workout and it is just one rep”.

Is it?

I think that it is more than that.  I think that physical activity, and a person’s ability to finish a training session according to plan, is a clear indicator of someone’s behavior and habits.  The brain is so heavily connected to whether or not you get off the couch for a training session, run that extra 100 yards or finish that last set or rep.

So, if you consciously skip that last rep when you could have finished it, it would be interesting to see if you are doing the same thing in other areas of your life.

–      Are you missing opportunities to make that sale in your career?

–       Are you avoiding continuing to pursue your goals?

–       Are you eating processed foods because it takes work to cook a meal?

I am not an expert on behavior, but I observe everything.  I enjoy observing and trying to understand why humans do what they do.  I often think about why I do the things that I do in my own life.  Habits are hard to break, there is no doubt about that, but they can be broken.  It is never too late to create new and improved habits, it’s just a decision.  It’s uncomfortable to call yourself out, but sometimes that type of irritation can create a world of change.

I know this is a deeper way to think about exercise, but I also think that thoughts like this can stick and help to create change.  I believe that habits carry over into everything that we do.

So yea, I think that finishing that last rep can make you a better person. I think that having the conviction to complete your workout exactly as it is drawn up for that day can push you over barriers that may be holding you down in other areas of you life.  Absolutely.

It’s not just a rep.


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