Canadian Outreach: Delivering What Needs to Be Delivered

Supplemental Nutrition

The Canadian outreach program is in full effect.

I first met my next contributor at a convention in Miami, FL.  We got talking about each other’s backgrounds, experiences and reasoning for attending the convention and we hit it off instantly.  Again, I was like a kid in a candy store asking her all kinds of questions, and I actually had more to ask but I decided to control myself.

One of the takeaway points from chatting it up with Julie was her comments about the female population and effectively treating osteoporosis by supplementing calcium, especially if it is consumed in an isotonic capable form.  Isotonic?  Think liquid form supplementation that is absorbed ridiculously fast by the body, delivering what needs to be delivered.

Calcium deficiency is interesting to me because the most obvious (and well-known) source of calcium is milk.  However, as I have harped on this blog in past posts, you’d cry yourself to sleep if you knew the quality of the milk that you’re probably buying and drinking.  I’ll save the heart ache for another post.

You’re welcome.

Besides the low quality of mass-produced milk, we also face the issue of inflammation and dairy sensitivities in a lot of people, IBS, etc.  Now, you could turn to other foods like kale, which is a rich source of calcium that a lot of people don’t know about, but kale quite frankly is a pain in the ass to prepare.  Eating it raw is like chewing on laminate flooring.  Most people won’t take the time to execute that gourmet kale recipe, so let’s just deliver the damn calcium and get it over with, ok?

*** Oh, if you want some interesting information about bone health go here for some notes I took while attending a recent webinar.  Knowledge is power.

I’ll let Julie share her opinion…

When any of us are looking for solutions to address our personal health concerns, we look for solutions that are safe and effective.  Safety and efficacy comes from research and experience with the products and this is one of the best parts about selling Isotonix. 

As consumers, we all know there are some friends we trust more than others regarding health advice.  

As I become more familiar with using the Isotonix products, I find that my customers and friends come to me more and more for this kind of advice, and I always want to have a well-researched answer for them.  The best part about distributing Isotonix products is that the MarketAmerica science team has done a lot of the leg work for me in terms of gathering the scientific research ensuring that safety and efficacy that I am looking for, in the entire product line.  

Having Isotonix as a research-backed product line, provides me as a distributor with peace of mind that what I’m selling to customers is a great supplement and the best option for those who are looking.

  • Why Isotonix?

–  It is affordable, and it is better value due to the enhanced bioavailability of the products.
–  There is a range of products that make it possible to help reach a more diverse customer base of people with a tool to help them take control of their health.
–  It is based on the most current research, so everything is always up to date to ensure the best customer satisfaction and results from taking nutraceuticals.

  • Why is it so great for practitioners?

–  The products are effective and backed by scientific research on design and combination, so all you need to do is ensure your research on indication and dosage. 
–  You are never alone in recommending the products. Doctors and health care practitioners have been benefiting from being able to provide their clients and patients with access to a dependable product line.
–  There is access to the products online so that customers can order products from the comfort of their home or work with the autoship program.  The method of distribution adds a convenience factor for you and your customers.  

There are always a number of reasons to prefer one type of product over another, but from my experience, of all the nutraceutical products out there, the enhanced bioavailbility of the Isotonix line and the diversity of products and applications makes it an easy decision for me. I feel fortunate to be able to provide these supplemental options to my customers, and it has tremendously benefited my personal health and the growth of my business. 

– Julie Hwang, BSc, ND (cand. 2014)

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