Bone Health Webinar Notes

Supplemental Nutrition

Bone and Joint Webinar

  •  Every seven years you have a new skeleton.  Your bone cells divide and rebuild every 7 years.
  •  Peak bone mass is reached by age 20. (After 20 it decreases)
  •  After meno-pause for women, they are losing 2-4% of their bone mass every year.
  •  By age 65, men and women are losing bone mass at the same rate.
  •  Only 35% of American adults are consuming enough calcium.
  •  Warning from surgeon general, by 2020, 50% of Americans are going to have poor bones.

Key component:

  •  Healthy diet (calcium and vitamin D intake)
  •  Exercise and physical activity

Recommended intake for calcium:

——> Your body can only absorb 400-500mg of calcium at a timeIf you taking more than that in your current supplement, you cannot absorb it because you are limited by your body’s ability to absorb calcium.

  •  More than 1 billion people around the world are not getting enough vitamin D.
  •  Health professionals testing vitamin D levels more than ever.
  •  Vitamin D is essential to absorbing calcium.
  •  Without enough vitamin D, only 10-15% of your calcium intake is getting absorbed.

Why do strong bones matter?

  •  Bones are structural for keeping us mobile.
  • They have a protective element.
  • Strong bones= strong joints.

Here is a quick video clip on osteoporosis:

Again, these were my notes that I took on the fly while attending the webinar.  You’ll notice that they are in bullet point form, so it isn’t much of a “calcium story”, it’s just facts and figures.  I found it extremely interesting that the body can only absorb a certain amount of calcium in a given sitting.

So, if you are cramming loads and loads of calcium into your body to make up for missing your regularly scheduled dosages, you’re not doing anything to help yourself get ahead.  You’re capped on what you can absorb with calcium in a single sitting.

I was reminded AGAIN of the importance of vitamin D and it’s role in the absorption of calcium.  They work together synergistically in the body.  Vitamin D is also overlooked and often supplemented with low quality products.  Just because you take it doesn’t mean that your body is experiencing any benefit.

Absorption and the quality of the active ingredients is what you need to be concerned with.

If it isn’t getting absorbed by your body then you are wasting your time and money.  You may even be getting slammed with toxic binders and fillers depending on what supplement brand you are taking.  Imagine that!  You make the effort to buy a supplement to improve your health, and all you end up with is a poisoning effect.



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