Drinking the Kool-Aid: Egg Yolks versus Smoking?

Angry Rants

By now many of you have either read this study or heard about it through the news media or a friend.

I am going to be blunt here…

If you are crazy enough to believe that egg yolks can even be put in the same universe as something like smoking, you’re insane.  You are truly drinking the Kool-Aid.  Drinking may not be an appropriate description, how about Kool-Aid keg stand?  That’s probably a better description.

I won’t reinvent the wheel on this post, there is no need to.  I, along with many other professionals won’t waste my time on justifying why this comparison is utter bullshit.

Luckily, I found another professional who had already taken the time to blog post a great article about how to take a practical approach to sniffing out the trash when it appears…

Follow the link to a crash course in identifying bullshit when it makes it way to the public…


—–>  5 Steps to Crack a Headline and Fry a Study


All credit to the author for teeing off so I didn’t have to.


Happy Sunday and enjoy your egg yolks!





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