Do You Know What You’re Eating? Is All “Healthy” Food Healthy?


After watching yet ANOTHER news story about the recall of the Apple Dippers served at McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants around the country.

Deep breath here…

Do you know what you’re eating?

Not all apples are created equal.  Not all oranges are created equal.  Not all beef is created equal.  Not all lettuce and spinach is created equal.  Not all peanut butter is created equal…

Do you see where I am going with this?

Just because you are buying a “bag of apple slices” from McDonald’s doesn’t mean that they are nutritious or non-toxic.  The red flag should be the fact that they are packaged in a bag and last for months they go rotten.

How long does a pesticide free grown apple last?  A week at the most probably?

You see, you cannot classify all food in the same categories.  I can buy meat from Wal-Mart, but is it the same ground beef that I can buy from a local farm that raises their cows on a free range grass-fed diet?

Absolutely not.

We have to smarten up as consumers.  I know that you want to believe that the cheapest yogurt at the grocery store is just as beneficial as the full fat greek yogurt… but it isn’t.  It’s not even close.

Please make an effort to learn something about what you are putting in your mouth.  I cannot stand to hear the excuse, “The food industry is just so big!  My vote won’t count!”.  Give me a break.  We bitch about so many other pointless issues that we don’t know what we are bitching about anymore.

Food sustains life and if you are eating toxic food, your risk for disease and early death sky rockets.

Try this for a 4 week time period:  Cut out bread and sugar.

The tough part about this challenge is going to be that bread is a habit food and sugar is addictive like cigarettes (this has been studied and proven).  Check my hyper-palatibility post for more information on that craziness.

Alright everyone, I had to write up a quick post before heading to a nutritional conference in Greensboro, NC.  Great things happening down here.  I will share later on…




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