The Secret to Fat Loss…

Pure Fat Loss

I love all of the programs out there on the internet that claim to have the secret to rapid fat loss.

Guess what?

I am here to fully disappoint you…

There is no secret.

Yup, there is NO SECRET TO FAT LOSS.

In fact, fat loss is so incredibly simple that it would blow your mind.

Well, ok, there may be one little trick to fat loss…

Ready for it?



All you have to do is take massive action.  You don’t need to read 100 books about working out and how to eat.  Most of us know how to eat.  It’s not a secret.  Maybe you don’t know how to train smart, but hey, that is what blogs like this are for.

All you need is the courage to take MASSIVE ACTION.

I am talking about doing something out of your comfort zone and completely crazy.

Go home and throw away all of the shitty processed foods you have in your cupboard.  Then go through your refrigerator and do the same thing.  Don’t forget to dig through your freezer too.

After you have done that, go to the grocery store and shop the hell out of the perimeter.  The perimeter is where you will find most of the earth grown foods and meat.  That’s right… food comes from the earth (fruits/veggies).  If it has a mother… eat that too (meat).

Clean eating is the one constant throughout nearly every legitimate fat loss program in the world.  Eat clean and you have just put yourself in the top 75%.

Eat clean and you won’t have to workout for 6-8 hrs per week.  How is that for being time effective?  The thought of training 6-8 hrs per week stresses me out!  And I love training.

I would even argue that the more time you have to train, the more time you are going to find to waste.  Less time means you have to focus your efforts.  Do what works.  Get in and get out.  Get on with your life.

Exercising isn’t life, it simply a vehicle to help improve our life and create healthy bodies that are less likely to fall victim to preventable diseases, build strength and endurance for physical activities that we enjoy and partake in daily, and even psychologically to give us confidence in our daily lives when we interact amongst other people.

Everyone always assumes that I train for 2 hours per day.  WRONG.

30-40 minutes for 4-5 days per week.  That includes a complete warm-up.

I eat clean and drink the heaviest craft beer in the world.  I love it.

9.0% pure bliss


I am on a schedule.  My schedule keeps me honest.  Some days I train, and some days I rest.

My massive action is now a daily habit.  I have repeated my massive action so much that it is now a natural lifestyle.  It is what I am committed to.

Less is more people.

Stop complicating a problem that has a simple solution.  

You have to get your mind in the game.  You have time to workout.  You have time to cook.  You have time to drink more water.

Take massive action. 

But it has to be a priority.  If it isn’t important enough to you to become a priority, or you don’t create you “why” for creating healthy habits… nothing with ever stick.  Ever.

You will end up on another 60-day crash-course liquid cleansing diet before beach season.

Take massive action.

“If it’s important, do it everyday”.

-Dan John


This is the secret to fat loss… (Don’t tell anyone)







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