Want to Train Your Core?

Core Training

The Summer months provide an incredible time to get outside and move around.

Whether you are going for an after dinner walk, a 30 mile bike ride, or throwing your suspension trainer around branch and working through a bodyweight circuit, the weather is perfect for exercise and building a lean body.

Core training will always be a popular topic.  I have come to grips with that.

When people think of individuals that are fit, they often picture a lean muscular body and …

… abdominals.


It’s true though.  I have to say that I don’t think that core training is bad, I just think that we need to bring some clarity to what constitutes safe and effective core training and also how to unveil your hidden six-pack.

What is safe?

Well, safe core training today is heavily based on the landmark research coming from Stuart McGill and others.  Their recommendations is this… spare your spine!  By spine sparing, we need to train the  torso musculature to stabilize the spine, protect it, and serve as the transfer zone between the upper and lower body.

The abdominals are mainly built to STOP motion, not create motion.

Safe core training IS NOT CRUNCHES.

Safe core training IS NOT partner leg throws.

Safe core training is not cable crunches, or whatever this guy is doing below…

Enter:  The Slosh Pipe

The picture above is a 9ft PVC slosh pipe will 2/3 full with water.  The PVC is 3″ in circumference and the pipe weighs around 30-32lbs.

You might be saying, “That’s not a lot of weight”.

That is what I thought.  Until I picked it up and nearly face planted from the instability of the water thrashes left/right inside of the pipe.

For around $20 and 5 minutes of assembly, anyone can build a slosh pipe.  Yes, it is 9ft tall so it may not be realistic for everyone if you don’t have somewhere to store it.  Consider that before purchasing.

I first met the slosh pipe 5 years ago.  It was one of the toughest workouts I had ever engaged in.  The worst part was how simple the workout was…

  • Pick up the slosh pipe and walk as far as possible.
  • Put the slosh pipe down and recover.

It kicked my ass.  My body was on fire from reacting and correcting instability of the pipe.  I walked Zercher style, across my shoulders and finally with arms extending overhead.  I loved it.  Reactive core training at it’s best.

Just another simple example of a piece of home equipment that can be made in a matter of minutes for a minimal monetary investment.

***  If you are worried about what people think when they see you walking around with it… don’t worry… most people don’t think much anyways.  At least you took the initiative to get off your ass 🙂


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