5-10-15-20-15-10-5 = Fat Loss Work Capacity Lottery Jackpot

30 Minute Workouts

I will waste no time here.  Tear through this one folks…

Chin-Up x5

Push Up x10

KB Swing x15

BW Squat Jumps x20

KB Swing x15

Push Up x10

Chin Up x5

Beginners:  2-3 complete cycles with 90-120sec rest.

Intermediate:  3-4 complete cycles with 75-90 sec rest

Advanced:  5 rounds cycles with 60sec or less rest.

Equipment:  Some kind of pull up bar, kettlebell (optional but recommended)

Including a full warm up which takes 10 minutes and the actual workout itself which takes 16 minutes, this entire training session will cost you 26 minutes of your life.

Throw the time excuse out the window I guess, right?

Watch out for the swings on this one.  If you do not have kettlebells to play with or you are not comfortable with your kettlebell swing technique while fatigued, I would suggest substituting some kind of lunge.  Lunges are still a hip-dominant movement.  The only loss will be the explosive aspect that the kettlebell swing brings to the table.

I will talk about why I am a fan of kettlebell swings for loaded cardiovascular type work in a future posts.

If you were in a pinch, a properly prescribed dosage of kettlebell swings a couple of times per week might be all you need to strip fat.

This is of course assuming that your eating HABITS are in check.


2 thoughts on “5-10-15-20-15-10-5 = Fat Loss Work Capacity Lottery Jackpot

    1. How did it go for you Theo? Did you try it again or just the one time. You can tweak many aspects of this workout: reps, movements, time, etc. It never ends and you can keep progressing.


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