Don’t Read or Watch This If You Are Fragile Inside


Childhood obesity (and overweight) is parental problem and a school system problem.

image credit: Mark Young Training Systems

Why a parental problem?

Parents buy the food in the house and prepare it.  The child eats what is prepared.  Parents also provide the encouragement to either sit inside and play video games, or get outside and run around and do what kids should be doing… exploring, playing sports, walking, riding bike, climbing, swimming, etc.

Why a school problem?

Schools are providing 1 of the 3 meals per day.  If a child is eating 3 square meals per day, this means that 33.3% of the meals kids are consuming per day are being eaten at school.  That percentage can increase more  if the child is also eating an early morning breakfast.  Anyone who has been through school knows that most times you have no choice but to eat what is being served.  Shame on the school system.

An alternative to being forced to eat at school is packing a lunch.  However, think about this situation for a second…

Who packs the lunch?… The parents.

Do you see how this comes full circle and becomes a parental problem again?

Take some pointers from this girl.  She is Martin Rooney’s daughter and this video was staged, but the point is that kids are heading down the wrong path.  1 out of 3 under the age of 12 years of age is overweight or obese!

That is sickening…

Enjoy the video…

I am passionate about keeping kids healthy.

As an adult, it is your choice to live a slow death of being overweight, which may escalate to obesity causing a whole host of preventable issues for you later on.  You have knowledge, ability, and responsibility to take care of yourself.

A child does not.  They rely on parents and our school system for direction.

What sort of direction are you giving your child?  Good direction?  Poor direction?

Take responsibility for you and your family, and pretty soon you know what will happen?  Our nation will shrink in size and our health will increase.  The overweight/obesity line will reverse itself, flatline for a bit, and then move back downward in a positive direction.  Small changes, big results.

If you think that I am just using this blogging platform to pipe off my opinion…  

Check your facts here:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

In health and tough love…

P.S.  I welcome all logical objections, it would make for a great discussion.  Post your comments.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Read or Watch This If You Are Fragile Inside

  1. Absolutely it falls to the fault of the caretakers of the children, #1 the parents as they should be taking part in majority of the children’s daily life, next anywhere they are eating meals be it school or daycare etc. Real Nutritious Food is the answer. Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains, Eggs, Fat Free Milk and plenty of water too. It was sad to see those kids couldn’t tell what those fruits and vegetables were

    Eat Healthy, Play and do physical activity everyday

    1. Hey there!

      Thank you for stopping by to check things out. I am building content at a ferocious pace so I hope that you continue to stop back again and again.

      It is sad thinking about kids under the age of 12yrs that are pre-disposed to disease, already. Tough for me to stomach actually.

      Thanks again!


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