Video: Long Circuit Kettlebell Training for Fat Loss

10 minute Workouts, Kettlebell Training, Pure Fat Loss

I have to admit that the circuit in the video below has been adapted over the last few years to serve as a warm-up for me before my higher work capacity/short bout training sessions.

I use it for two reasons:

  • It gets my brain and eyes focused on what’s about to happen (hand to hand exchange helps this).
  • Physically, I warm-up every muscle in my body in one shot (after foam rolling/static/dynamic stretch)

In the video below, I am using my trusty 20kg kettlebell, that’s 44lbs for all of the Americans reading this.

 This is my warm-up bell, my hand to hand swing bell, and my long cycle snatch bell.

Initially, when I started kettlebell training it was all I could handle weight-wise.  That’s my indirect advice to you to start slow, and progressing at an your intelligent  pace.  Don’t “Hail Mary” your training or you may find yourself in the emergency room.

All in good time.

Enjoy the music…

The details:

  • 5 reps of all movements (keep it simple!).
  • All movement patterns must be addressed (with exception of upper extremity pulling).
  • Don’t put the kettlebell down until the circuit is complete.

A couple tips…

Tip #1:  Use a dry erase board to map out what movements you’ve programmed and what order you want to perform them.  This helps a lot.  Double clutching a 44lb kettlebell rarely has a positive end result.

Tip #2: Treadmills and ellipticals are $2,000 coat racks.  Sell your old useless fitness equipment and go buy some Lifeline kettlebells or PowerBlocks.

Have fun, tell me how it goes…

Coming soon:  Why single kettlebell/dumbbell training is where it’s at…

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