Pressed for Time: The Series Begins

Pressed for Time

I am going to be starting a writing challenge for myself.

I will set my trusty Gymboss interval timer to 10 minutes, and I will write an improv article until the timer goes off.


Two things I want you to understand with this:

1)  This is all information off the top of my head, so it will carry some opinion and could be more vulgar than normal.

2)  It may or may not be nicely organized for your reading pleasure, and occasionally may end abruptly (assuming I run out of time before I can say what I want to say).


Another reason that I like the idea of writing against the clock is that it forces me to be honest and to the point.  No bullshit.  Short posts, probably under 500-600 words in each post.  Quick reading for those that have a short attention span.

I realize that this is probably more fun for me than it will be for you to read, but so many people ask my opinion throughout the day that I decided to free-write about topics with a timer as my cut off.

I should be able to regurgitate enough information that you can find at least one little pearl in the post.

Obviously, I will have articles that I will research and keep as go-to reading material.  These articles will be the foundation this webspace.

My goal with these types of articles is to make them timeless.  Timeless meaning… you can flip back through the archives weeks, months, maybe even years from now, read the article and have it be relevant.


See you soon movement culture…






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