The Evolution of Man: Monkey to Desk Jockey

Injury Prevention, Quick Tips

Don’t fall victim to the negative effects of sitting.

Take a proactive approach to offsetting the hours upon hours of the hunching that is done in your cubical.

Sitting makes creates a situation where your muscles commonly become long and weak in the back (posterior) and short and tight in the front (anterior).

Simple solution:

  • Foam roll and stretch the quad and hip flexors (front) to lengthen.
  • Perform glute bridges, deadlift variations (1-leg & 2-leg), x-band walks, sliding hamstring curls, etc… to strengthen.
  • Gain some lost mobility in the mid-spine region (thoracic spine)
  • Learn how to breathe properly (Westerners are chest/neck breathers)
  • Be consistent and patient for change.

It kind of reminds me of:

The 23 and 1 Rule…

  • In one hour I can offer you the greatest training session in the world. I believe this. I am confident in my abilities.
  • Then I can watch as you destroy everything that we accomplished in the 23 hours that you have away from me.
*** The greatest opponent to a die hard advocate of movement is their own client, the person that pays them good money for their advice.  So weird.

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