Brain Training for Fat Loss

Brain Training, Pure Fat Loss

Thanks for hopping over from my “What’s Slowing You Down:  Brain or Body” post…

I apologize for the organization of the end of this post.  I had to bullet each paragraph to separate it from the the previous paragraph.  A glitch in WordPress I believe.  I don’t know… Sorry about that…

Ok, where I left off…

Well, maybe nothing.  Most of you will never push yourself to the point where your brain or body begins to tell you to, “fuck off”.  It’s not a knock against you, it’s just a reality.

Two years ago I dove head first into the SSST (Secret Service Snatch Test), which is a kettlebell challenge not for the weak of heart.  The SSST is comprised of:

  • 24 kg (53lb) kettlebell
  • Perform as many snatches as possible in a 10 minute timeframe.
Simple and insane.
  • If you are a competitive minded person, this is something to shoot for.  I got about 190 snatches into the SSST and my brain flooded with “just quit this shit” thoughts.  I fought them off for another 1:30min or so, then tapped out.  I destroyed my old snatch record, but still, the thoughts came and engulfed me.
  • It’s easy to succumb to your thoughts during physical activity.
  • Next time you are on a run or bike, pay attention to how many times you start thinking about how nice it would be to be finished already, or how you could just walk for a bit, or no one is looking so you can dog it for a minute or two, blah blah blah.  I am human, I have these thoughts, so I know that you do too.
  • I think what the average person struggles with the most with is their thoughts.  Just one negative thought that slips passed your “will-power filter” in your brain and will infect your entire body during a workout, or ever before you ever strap on your shoes pre-workout.  Negative thoughts are infectious.  Once you start thinking about quitting on a task, for most people, it’s ALL OVER.

Think about it.  I know that everyone has had those thoughts during a long run, during a personal training session or even back in high school or college as an athlete.

When your brain quits, you quit.

Controlling your thoughts will build you a body, I firmly believe this.


***Go do something great today that your body will thank you for in the future.***


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