The Shoe Get-Up

Quick Tips

Shoe get-ups are the most effective and safe way to teach traditional turkish get-ups.

Bret Jones has brought the phrase “Kathos Sthenos” to the fitness industry, which essentially translates to “Beautiful Strength”.

You don’t have to get all emotional to enjoy turkish get-ups, but it is a movement that requires grace and tension.  A flawless turkish get-up with a huge amount of weight in hand is something that the average person will find interesting.  Well, here is an example:

I still think that it is the most effective was to move a heavy object from the ground to a position over the head, in full shoulder extension.

The turkish get-up, although valuable, is a one of the most complicated movements in the training world today.  Many trainers shy away from it because of the number of steps there are within a successful turkish get-up.

To teach it, you have to break it up into pieces, and you most certainly have to start without any load.


The Shoe Get-Up is just the ticket…

What you’ll need:  One flat soled shoe or sandal and at least a 8×8 clear space.


YouTube Instructional Video Coming!!!

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